Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Covington C&O Depot

The Covington C&O Depot was not open when we ventured through the area last month.

There were train cars in the back, but I don't know if they were exhibits.

More graffiti.

I really like the look of train tracks. They are always taking you somewhere.

I also like train trestles and bridges. We don't build things like that any more. The pictures below are just shots I took when we walked around the building.


  1. guess you'll have to go back now when it's open! great pics! did you go to the fincastle parade? i was sad to miss it, first time since we've lived here...will have to make up for it and go to buchanan!

  2. We have an old style train bridge at the end of our road.
    Ever day around 7:30 Am and between 5 and 7 p.m. a train goes through the distant woods and whistles.
    I love hearing the train whistle in out rural area . sometimes the whistle takes me back to long ago memories of when I would watch old Western movies with my dad .

  3. There were trains and tracks that went back behind my grandparent's farm, slowly. My older cousins and my aunties used to catch a boxcar ride into a town about three miles away. Fun memories.

  4. Somehow we missed seeing Covington when we toured part of the area a while ago, but being the train fan that he is, Grenville/Pat will definitely make this a destination on a future trip. I too like seeing old train trestles and bridges.

  5. I love trains and train tracks. There's something about them that makes them so picturesque.


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