Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Health Update

I try not to write too much about what is going on with my health because I think most people find it boring or don't really care, but for those who have wondered:

I am still having pain that doctors think is from adhesions from my gallbladder surgery. This is a relatively rare complication but not unknown. However, the pain is fairly severe and chronic. Last week I started physical therapy to try to stretch things out in hopes of avoiding another surgery. Fingers crossed. If surgery is required, I will likely have to go out of the area to find a specialist who deals with adhesions.

I was also having trouble with fatigue and nausea, which I attributed to the pain. My family doctor sent me to a gastroenterologist to be sure, though. After some testing on October 31, I learned that I have many, many ulcers (more than 50!) in my stomach and small intestines, and erosion of my esophagus. I am taking medication for that and hopefully it will help with some of the multiple issues I have been dealing with.

On the plus side I have stuck with Weight Watchers Online and I'm still losing weight, although rather slowly. I am not able to be very active because of the abdominal pain (which increases with movement) but hopefully the physical therapy will help.

I have felt less tired in the last week, so I am hoping that clearing up the ulcers will bring improvement.

Thank you if you've been thinking of me and wishing me well.


  1. I think of you daily. Glad to hear the weight is coming off.... slow and steady is the name of that game and the way it is best to lose weight. Need to do a bit of that myself to be honest. xox

  2. I'm sorry about the chronic pain you continue to suffer. It sounds like you're fighting your way through it and aren't about to give in easily : )
    I've been hearing that much of our health is about what goes on in our gut. It affects mood, brain power, everything. There was an interesting piece on NPR about that yesterday morning. It talked about good bacteria, probiotics and all that.
    You're in my thoughts and I wish you healing and good health!

  3. I've been wondering what was going on...sorry to read about the chronic pain and ulcers. Hopefully the meds will take care of the latter and it will lead to easing up on the former. I think going out of the Roanoke Valley is probably a wise move if you do need additional surgery, which I hope you don't. I do hope you feel better soon and congrats on the weight loss!

  4. So sorry you're not feeling well. Have you tried eliminating grain from your diet? Grain consumption can cause gastric problems (and ulcers). Also, have you been tested for h pylori, which can also cause ulcers?

  5. oh my goodness anita, 50 ulcers? no wonder you aren't feeling well...sending prayers and positive thoughts your way...on the plus side, losing weight slowly is the best way...congratulations, it isn't easy!

  6. Wow, fifty small ulcers? Between that and the adhesions (which I've never heard of), it's no wonder you've felt so poorly. Here's hoping the new medication and PT help with all the pain you are dealing with.

  7. I hope you are on the road to recovery and start feeling better soon.


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