Saturday, September 07, 2013

The Shoe Solution

So clutter is everywhere at my house; we have a space and junk issue here. I take comfort in the knowledge that at least we're not hoarders. Not yet, anyway. There is probably some cut-off line we are close to that makes one fall under that definition, but I don't think we are there yet.

In the last several weeks I've been looking at various components of a room and trying to figure out a solution to whatever is bothering me. Maybe the shelf is too full of stuff and some of it needs to go the attic, or the drawers need to be cleaned out, or whatever.

Shoes bothered me because I kept them in a basket on my side of the bed. Oh, I tried keeping them in the closet, but our closet is long and narrow, and there just isn't a lot of floor space in there for shoes. I bought things that hang from the clothes racks, and things with bars that you put your shoes on, and nothing worked to my satisfaction.

Years ago I started tossing shoes into clothes baskets, and that worked best to keep them from being something to trip over. It's probably hard on the shoes, though.

And because there is so little walking room in the closet, and there is already a basket of my husband's shoes in there, the basket of my shoes eventually ended up under the window on my side of the bed. Two tubs full, actually.

I hated how it looked, and last week decided this was one of those things I needed to do something about.

I found the solution at Target:

A nice faux-leather storage trunk. This was right around $80 and it holds all of my shoes. It also makes a seat under the window, so I can sit there and put on those shoes, or hang out and watch the deer.

I put some activated charcoal inside the trunk, too, so it would absorb any odor that the shoes might bring in with them. Generally I don't have smelly feet but you never know.

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  1. Perfect solution! Now stick with that de-cluttering!

  2. With a hoarder, you can't walk in a straight line through a room and you have to climb over things to get to the bed. Anything less than that is a collector!

  3. Oh, how I related to this post! The face off against clutter is perpetual in my home. But for me, the bugaboo is paper.

  4. Holy cow, you have a lot of shoes! I've never been much of a show person and can count the pairs I own on one hand.

  5. That is a nice looking trunk! Shoe storage AND a bench- you found the perfect solution.


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