Saturday, September 28, 2013

Deer, Deer, What Can the Matter Be?

Dang, my leg itches! 

Whew, I gotta take a nap!

You know I ain't givin' you a minute's peace, woman! Here I come!

Whatdaya mean, get away from me! You know I'm the king of the forest! Mom said so!


  1. Soon it will be bam bam bambi. I haven't shot any around here, I just watch the elusive creatures.

  2. Cute post :-) One thing worse than your leg itching is the bottom of your foot itching while you're wearing shoes....and driving.

  3. Cute little set of antlers there. The one that has been in our yard only has two points.

  4. P.S. Your header with the spider web is AWESOME!!!!

  5. Aw he is a cutie ... hide him ~
    hunting season opens next week.
    Run Bambi run !! Seriously I love deer.
    Thanks for the share.


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