Sunday, June 02, 2013

It's Dance Recital Time

This is the weekend my niece, Zoe', steps it up and spends a long time at the Civic Center doing the dance recital.

The opening number had a jungle theme.
This is Zoe'. She is supposed to be a monkey.
Here she is doing her monkey dance.
Unfortunately the audience is not supposed to be taking pictures; no flash photography allowed. So I had to resort to photos without flash in a darkened auditorium.
It is fun to watch these girls do this stuff.
Little tiny girls in particular . . .
are just too cute for words.
Hit it girls!
My brother participated in the "dad's dance".
The dads all played photographers who were chasing models.
This is Zoe (in the rear with the headband) as a model in this routine.

Zoe broke her foot earlier in the year so she did not get to practice as much as normal. I could not tell that she suffered any for this, though. She has definitely grown in her dance routines; I can see the improvement from year to year.


  1. What fun! My granddaughters do dance and dance performances as well and it's alway so fun to see them in their glittery outfits, heavy eye make-up lipstick...and then they are presented with flowers afterwards. Love the enthusiasm of young girls. Your niece is so cute! Bet she did a really nice job on the performance.

  2. What fun to see the dad's participating. I cannot imagine what would have convinced Lee to do it.

  3. how fun!! she really is great. i enjoyed her in the talent show!


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