Sunday, March 17, 2013

The No Shows

I had hoped this morning I would be posting photos of my beautiful niece, Zoe, dancing at a competition at the Jefferson Center in Roanoke yesterday.

Zoe' dancing at an event last summer.

Alas, I didn't make the event. She was scheduled to dance at 5 p.m. so I arrived an hour early, only to find there was no nearby parking. All of the lots were full, and cars were lined along the streets.

The only place I could find to park was blocks away in an unfamiliar neighborhood that my husband had told me I should avoid. Since I was alone and I was having a terrible time walking any distance because of the arthritis in my feet, I was concerned about parking there.

I called my brother on his cellphone, and he told me, to my consternation, that my niece's dance program had just started! I was missing it. He said it had been moved up a full hour.

I drove around a bit more hoping a space would open, but none did, and I finally gave up. I was disappointed that I did not get to see her perform.

After I arrived home, I looked out at sunset and then later and later, hoping to find Comet Pann Starrs somewhere to the left of the crescent moon. I could not locate it, at least not with my naked eye. What a disappointment that heavenly event has turned out to be, at least from my hilltop.

No comet here. Just an overexposed moon and some stars.


  1. What a shame you couldn't see your niece dance! Like you, I have trouble walking any distance. One of the main reasons I avoid attending events in downtown Roanoke is the lack of nearby parking. Despite what officials might say about Roanoke having plenty of available parking, it isn't "available" to those of us who are older and don't move well.

  2. I tried to locate the comet too a couple of nights ago, but couldn't even find the moon!

  3. Sorry you missed your niece's performance. I hope she did well!

  4. she was great in the talent show...did you see the pics i tagged you in? sorry you missed her performance last night. were you at the talent show last week?

  5. Hi Sis,
    Just wanted to let you know Zoe' got a Platinum for her solo and Highest score Overall in the 12 and under. Her group dances got 2 Platinums, and two High Gold's.

  6. What a shame that you went all that way and then missed her!


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