Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mid Autumn Sighs

Saturday, before the latest cold front, I took a walk.

Even though it was growing late in the season, the trees still harbored a bit of color.

In spring, this redbud blooms out with brilliant beauty. But leafless, I see a special beauty in the shape and trunk of the tree.

There is no such thing as bad light for photography in Autumn.

I love capturing the shimmer of light on leaves.

Is there anything more magnificent than the leaf canopy reaching toward the sky?

Orange, gold, and rust colors. Praise for a beautiful day!


  1. The winds seem to be taking the last of the leaves, except for the oaks. Their dead leaves hang on until spring when the new green buds force them off the branches..... Shiver me timbers the days have gotten cooler!

  2. I love those colors against the blue sky. And this is why we picked Virginia to retire to instead of Hawaii! Gotta have the seasons.

  3. W still have a lot of fall colors on the VA eastern shore and some of ours will be around for a few more weeks until the temps really stay colder for more than a day or two. Your colors were lovely to see, Aita.

  4. Whoops, sorry for misspelling your name, Anita.


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