Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sick Days

Tuesday evening my throat felt a little raw. In the middle of the night, my husband woke me up.

"You're snoring so badly you're going to have a sore throat in the morning," he said.

But I already had a sore throat. The glands in my neck had ballooned up and when I put my head down, everything pooled in the back of my throat.

I was also running a fever of 100 degrees. That is high for me, as my temperature usually stays around 97.6, a degree under normal.

Normally I try to wait these things out, but I had a full schedule and things to do, so I trotted off to the doctor on Wednesday. She gave me an antibiotic and told me to go home and go to bed.

Which I did.

Now it is Saturday. Improvement has been minimal. The fever broke yesterday and some of the swelling in my neck glands has decreased, but the amount of drainage seems to have increased and not lessened.

Everything I had scheduled from Wednesday through Friday ended up being cancelled. I had hoped to spend today at the Medieval Faire in Roanoke County but I won't make that. I have never been and I want to go but haven't made it yet even though they've had it for the last five years. I just want to see one.

I had also hoped to bake something to take to the library book sale but I don't do things like that when I am germy. Who wants what I have, you know?

So anyway, this is where I am. Looks like another day in bed for me.


  1. sure hope you feel better soon. rest up. read a book. relax a bit or two. big hugs. (:

  2. It's sure not fun being sick on a weekend when you were looking forward to an event. Hope you have been able to rest and feel better. Sometimes, it seems that we need to do that when least expected. Our library is also having a fall book sale in mid Oct, so it must be the time of year for most to schedule one. I have donated some cookbooks and will try NOT to bring any new ones home when we help out with the sale.


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