Saturday, June 02, 2012

After the Storm

Yesterday the area experienced severe thunderstorms. We were under a tornado watch. My friend Cathy, with whom I used to work and who is a reporter for The Roanoke Times, caught a picture of something that looks like a tornado. Click on the link to see it.

After the bad weather passed through, I went outside to take photos of the storm as it was heading off into Bedford.

My favorite fence with dark skies in the background.

The storm moving toward the Peaks of Otter and into Bedford.

My rock lilies (or yucca) with the storm as a backdrop.

An hour or so later, a rainbow.


  1. Love the Yucca shot. Neighbor down our street that has the prickly pear cacti also has yucca. Guess he's a desert kinda guy.

  2. Pretty pictures! The storms went to the east and west of us. All we got was a sprinkle of rain.

  3. Lovely photos--glad you were safe during the storm!


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