Tuesday, March 06, 2012

March Snow

Yesterday morning, I woke to find snow on the ground. We measured around 2 inches at daybreak.

I took photos around 8:30 a.m. It was overcast and still spitting snow. This woodpecker was having a great time on the tree.

The light was kind of eerie.

I wondered if it would be a deep snow.

Nothing to do but wait! I could not tell the future in my crystal ball.

By mid-morning, the sun had crept out.

The light shimmered across the valley. I was delighted I could see my Blue Ridge Mountains.

By noon, the snow was mostly gone.


  1. Is it just me, or does your crystal ball look like Smurf? We had five inches of fresh heavy, wet snow Friday that was lovely to look at, but made for a treacherous commute home.

    1. I guess it does look like a Smurf! I didn't notice that. I am glad you arrived home safely.

  2. Amazing how fast it came and went. Hope you are doing somewhat 'okay' this morning....

  3. beautiful photos...and yes, today there isn't even a hint that it snowed yesterday!

  4. It was just enough to damage my peach tree blossoms which had just opened fully the day before...grrr!

  5. Lovely pictures, Anita, especially the second one from the bottom. We had snow, too, that fell furiously but never managed to stick effectively, which is just fine with me. :-)

  6. Very pretty photos! I love the snow against the blue glass. I imagine that didn't last long so how nice that you captured it.

  7. Great picture of the woodpecker.


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