Friday, February 24, 2012

Delegate Jennifer McClellan - You Go Girl!

This is 12 minutes long, but Virginia Delegate Jennifer McClellan explains in detail why government should stay out of women's health care. This is well worth watching.

I take all of this very personally. These dumbasses in Richmond and all over the nation are trying to criminalize health care that saved my life and the lives of countless other women. This is not about their pathetic little visions of women skipping off to the abortion clinic after a wild night of sex. This is about women who are married, who want children, who have miscarriages and infertility issues. This is about ectopic pregnancy, about birth defects, and a myriad other serious and heart-wrenching decisions that women have to make. Government has absolutely no damn business legislating what goes on between anyone, male or female, and their doctor.

Tell me, Republicans, how is not okay to require people to buy health insurance, which only affects the pocketbook, but it is okay to force women to DIE?



  1. THANK YOU for posting this! It gave me chills to listen to such a well thought out and educated speech on this issue. Oust all old white men from our govt. at your earliest opportunity people. Send them back to their caves where obviously they believe in still clubbing their women into submission

    1. Thank you for watching it! I thought she did a great job.


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