Saturday, November 05, 2011

Open Studios, Botetourt, Part III

Dreama Kattenbraker is another Fincastle artist who is a personal friend. She creates what I call "whimsical" art, in that it is not realistic paintings. Her work appeals to the heart and the mind. It makes you think and gives you a different point of view.

She works in mixed media of all kinds. I think her work is very "Alice in Wonderland."

Some of Dreama Kattenbraker's work.

A cabinet and a statue. The cabinet reminds me of Punch & Judy shows.

From left, artist Dreama Kattenbraker, her aunt, and her sister, Donna.

A Dreama Kattenbraker statue.

My favorite Dreama Kattenbraker picture. I have a print of this one.


  1. Thanks, Anita! I always love your perspective and your photo taking is so awesome. xoxooxoxox

  2. I LOVE Dreama's art! Hated missing the tour but you've made me feel I was there. Thanks!

  3. Beautiful. I love the one you have a print of.

    The wood guy's stuff is beautiful too. Such talent. But of course, we have talent too, don't we? Writing. Did you see The Roanoke Times is looking for writers? Probably not paying anything. Go to Roanoke.Jobs.


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