Friday, August 26, 2011

Deer Photos

I've been taking deer photos again!

This was taken with a game camera.

So was this.

The other morning I walked into the kitchen to see this scene out the window. It had an autumn look to it. I grabbed the Nikon and snapped.

Same scene, just a little different cropping and settings. For some reason this looks more like a painting than a photo picture to me.


  1. What a lovely scene! We have deer here but you don't them very often unfortunately.

  2. I wish the deer around here were not so timid. They rarely get near a house and run at the first sign of a person. But, I guess if they were less timid they would have been shot by now.

  3. Great morning light in the last two shots. We have been having nice evening light over this way...

  4. i've been seeing lots of babies this year :)


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