Sunday, July 03, 2011

The National D-Day Memorial

The National D-Day Memorial is located in Bedford and is about an hour's drive from me. We visited the memorial in June when relatives were visiting us.

The National D-Day Memorial is a remembrance of June 6, 1944, when Allied Forces participated in the Invasion of Normandy during World War II.

The Memorial is in Bedford because, per capita, Bedford lost more soldiers on D-Day than any other community in the United States.

The entrance to The National D-Day Memorial

We were there on Flag Day.

The many statues depicting the Normandy landing are among the finest features of the Memorial.

This is a depiction of the beach landing during the Invasion.

 The statues are extremely well done.

 More statues.

A small airplane recognizes the contribution of the Air Force.

Numerous plaques spell out details of that fateful day. There are also plaques which name every US soldier killed on that day.

This statue in particular grabbed my attention. The detail on this was incredible.

This story of the Chad Valley Toy Company in England was quite interesting. The toy company during the war created a method of mapping that allowed the maps to be shipped in parts, like a jigsaw puzzle.

This is a mosaic of one of the maps the Chad Valley Toy Company created. It is on the ceiling of the folly below.

 I think this is Dwight D. Eisenhower but I am not positive of that and I can't read the plaque in the picture.

 From the far left, my husband, Cousin Don, and Uncle Buddy, studying the many plaques with information about the war.

From far left, Cousin Kathy, Aunt Marjean, and Mother-In-Law Eunice as they study information about the Normandy Invasion.

The Memorial from the rear.


  1. Very neat memorial and I never even knew it was there. David of course is a Viet Nam vet so we really enjoy their memorial in DC. Really brings home the reality of what war is all about when we visit.

    Thanks for bringing this memorial to my attention!


  2. I was just overwhelmed by how real the statues look. You could see such emotion on the faces. I would love to stop by here someday.


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