Friday, October 01, 2010

The Eyeglasses Saga

Seeing is one of those things that I find necessary. I did not obtain glasses until I was about 12 years old, though I needed them much sooner, and as a result I tend to want my eyesight perfect.

In January I went to visit a different opthamologist because the man I had been seeing for 20 years retired.

I was having trouble reading and knew it was time for bifocals.

The doctor suggested progressive lenses, and that is what I went with.

They gave me a great deal of trouble. In the end, I went back to the eye doctor and he changed the prescription in my right eye. The optician changed the prescription in my reading glasses and sunglasses, too.

After that, I adjusted well to the progressive lenses and had no trouble with them.

Fast forward to the first part of August. My nephew gives me a hug and in the process my glasses are scratched. It is, of course, the right lens.

I have a scratch warranty on the eyeglasses, so I call and ask for the replacement.

Once I receive the replacement, I find I have trouble reading. I can see out of my left eye alright but the right one is problematic again. I can't read anything out of that eye with my progressive lenses. However, I can read just fine with my reading glasses.

I spend five weeks adjusting the lenses, going back and forth to the shop. The woman at the shop suggests it might be allergies and dry eye causing the problem, so I start using more artificial tear drops.

There was no improvement, so today I went back to the eye doctor.

He told me my prescription in my right eye has changed and is now better with the prescription I had initially. Not the one I had been seeing out of for months, but the one that he changed in January. Which is a lesser strength than what I had been using.

He seemed as perplexed as I. We went over my medications but he did not think they could be causing the problem. He even suggested it might be the time of day.

None of this makes sense to me since my reading glasses are fine.

But now the eyeglass shop (which, by the way, is owned by the eye doctor) is making me a new lens with the lesser prescription.

I have no idea if this will fix the problem. If it doesn't, the next time it will cost me as I was told this was the last time they would replace the lenses at no charge to me.


  1. Maybe your eyeballs need rotating or something.

    I've had a pair of glasses in the past that never was right and so has David, when we were in Arizona, but our eye doctor here in VA seems to be doing a good job for us. I have an appt. on the 5th. Hoping my prescription has not changed in the past year.

  2. Maybe they didn't get the prescription right?

    I started wearing glasses a few years ago. I resisted for a long time, buying the cheap Walmart glasses. Finally Kurt made me go. I had to get trifocals. Three hundred dollars later, I still like the cheap Walmart glasses better.


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