Thursday, September 09, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

Will there be a Thursday Thirteen today?

Here are reasons why there may not be:

1. My brain is in a whirl from consideration of a number of lifestyle changes.

2. My right arm and elbow continues to bother me, making typing and siting at the computer somewhat contentious. Darned wallpaper and painting. How dare you give me a bad elbow?

3. Many books are calling my name. Do you hear them? "Read me . . . read me . . ." First it was a whisper. But, they are shouting now.

4. The weather is nice. Staying inside seems like a crime. How much better to be out gallivanting amongst the goldenrod and ragweed, where the eyes water and the nose runs!

The stuff that makes my allergies act up this time of year.

5. Other bloggers are writing and they have such interesting things to read!

6. Time slips away as I stare out the window, watching the fawns romp and the turkeys strut. And did you see that chickadee go after that hawk!?!?

Okay, so the fawn's aren't exactly romping in this picture.

7. My husband needs my attention, being a husband and all. He likes to have me beside him whilst he flips that buttons on the remote, changing the TV channel every three minutes.

He's sleeping here. Or pretending to be sleeping, anyway.

8. Exercise is a high priority these days, and an hour of Tai Chi here and a walk on the treadmill there can eat away at blog-posting time.

9. My navel needs to be contemplated in great detail. Ever since I had laser surgery through that portal, it has looked odd and now it is time to make a new map in my mind of the way it looks. Even though that was 20 years ago.

10. My office needs a good cleaning. I have piles of papers on top of the desk and the low bookshelf, and my inbox has now broken itself into two piles.

Eww! What a mess!

11. That inbox probably needs to be taken care of soon, eh?

12. I'm waiting on a telephone call. Staring at the telephone always makes it ring, so I think I will do that for a while.

13. It's nap time! (See picture of husband above.)

Thursday Thirteen is played by many folks; you can read their contributions here. This is my 155th time to play. As you can see, sometimes I run out of topics.


  1. wow 155th time!


  2. Love # 9...navel contemplation, haha!

  3. Double the amount of stuff on the desk and add two (or more) cats. That would be my desk.

  4. Hahaha! Your desk looks like mine did! But I even had crap piled up in the chair so I couldn't sit in it. :) Good luck!

  5. Last time I messed up my joints so it was hard to write was while painting. There's something about the roller or paint brush that does me in.

  6. What a beautiful view you have!

    Stopping in from Thursday Thirteen :D

  7. What a great post. Thankfully, my elbows are fine this morning. It's the bruise around my recent injury (see yesterday's post) that is bothering me a bit today.

  8. I have some of those "read me's" too :)

    Have a great Thursday!

  9. See despite your doubts a nice Thursday 13 came out and as a free give away also a picture of your sleeping husband. He looks like my cat Arthur when he watches TV !

  10. My office needs some help too... I can't even bring myself to post a picture of it! And I love it that the books are now shouting at you to read them... I can relate.

    Happy TT!

  11. I thought it wasn't happening because the hub got posted late! I can't believe we pulled it off yet again!

  12. I'm glad you did get a blog together. Grin. I like it.

  13. Understandable reasons not to post but I'm glad you did. If I listened every time I heard my "read me" I would never accomplish anything else.

  14. Glad I'm not the only one that can hear the books calling to them. I'm so behind on my reading it's terrible. In fact, I think I may go get in a few pages, goodness knows I'm not writing worth a darn right now.

    Happy TT,


  15. I hate it when the books start yelling! Nothing gets done until they get read...they are like little children wanting their way.

  16. I had laproscopy surgery twice when I was in my twenties and it does take some getting used to seeing your belly button changed like that. But it does make surgery so much easier.

  17. Love the shot of the deer. What a great looking herd. Oh, and your desk too.. Hee hee



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