Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Glebe Hill Gardens

Not far from me lies the Glebe Hill Gardens, a splendid exhibit of day lilies and hostas.

Even though it is only a few miles away, I had never been to the gardens. Last week I ventured there with a friend to see what was to be seen.

The gardens offer 1,500 varieties of day lilies, 800 varieties of hostas, 50 varieties of ornamental grasses, 100 different conifers and has two water gardens.

The place is only open for about a month in the summer.

We actually were not there at the height of bloom; that apparently had occurred a week earlier. Nevertheless, it was an impressive display of color and a fine example of very hard work.

I liked the hostas as they looked cool and refined beneath the shade trees. The day we were there it was about 99 degrees, so I also really liked the shade.

I loved this garden walkway. It reminded me of The Secret Garden.

There were an enormous number of day lilies. A riot of color, really.

This is not a day lily. This is the plant that I can't spell that is used in healing; it has antibiotic properties. It starts with an E.

The day lilies all have great names, like Fire King. I did not write down any of them, unfortunately, but I think flower growers must have a bit of poet in them.

This one had a flaming color that reached out and took command!

My friend Meg and garden owner Gary Osborne spent some time looking for just the right day lily for her to purchase. Mr. Osborne later told me he is friends of my husband's family, having coached school with James' uncle at some time and they remained friends.

This was my favorite spot; it looks like an enchanted place. I would never get anything done if I spent time in this garden - I would be mooning about, looking for fairies!


  1. I considered going to the Glebe Gardens but it's just been so ridiculously hot that I couldn't bring myself to go. It looks beautiful, a labor of love on their part.


  2. Pretty pics! It must be a full time job just to keep the deer off those lilies and hostas. I enjoyed all the shady bowers when we visited.


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