Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

Today, I give you 13 of my favorite online video games. Pick one and kill an hour today! If you have trouble with the links, you can type in the game name and find them on other sites than the ones to which I have linked. I'll give them stars, too, from 1 to 5, with 5 being something I really enjoy.

1. Bubble town. This is a shooter game. You match three and those three vanish; the goal is to get rid of all the little "bubble heads" before they get into the danger zone. This game has a story in that the little heads have names. I don't call them what the game does; for me, there is pretty purple lady, the dead head girl, the fuzz ball, the orange devil, the green thing from Pac Man, and others. I am weird that way sometimes. 5 stars

2. Peggle. In this game, you release a ball and it goes down and knocks out pegs. You have to knock all the pegs of a specific color. It's a lot like Plinko (I think that is the game) on the Price is Right, but, um, not. 3.5 stars

3. Bubble Spinner. This is another "shoot and match 3" game, but I find it very calming for some reason. Maybe it's the music? 5 stars

4. Scramble. I play this on Facebook. It is a Zynga game. I have the highest score among my friends but people beat me all the time when I play live. It leaves me humble. 5 stars

5. Bejeweled. Match three and watch things fall. Go for the high score! 4.5 stars

6. Filler 2. In this game, you take a square area and place circles in it. You only have so many tries to fill the game with circles. It is very addictive. 4 stars

7. Rise of Atlantis. Match three and move through the boards to find artifacts from the lost city. 3.5 stars

8. Ice Breakers. This is another match three (like Bejeweled & Rise of Atlantis) with a fast pace. The boards get harder and harder but you have to build the city before the penguin king gets there! 3.5 stars

9. Collapse. This is an old game but I like it. You have to match color tiles and click on them to make them disappear. 3.5 stars

10. Alchemy. This is also an old game that I enjoy. You have to match tiles and make the back board turn into gold. 3.5 stars

11. Jewel Quest (any version). Another match three. Move through the boards to get to the treasure! 3 stars

12. Cubis. A 3-D matching game. I am not any good at this one but I like the challenge of it. Apparently I don't see in "3-D". 3 stars

13. Word Challenge. This is another game I play on Facebook, and again I have the top score among my friends. But I am nowhere near the highest scores in the game lists. 4 stars

Here we go with my 127th Thursday Thirteen! You can read my other TT's here. Learn more and read other people's TT's here. Have fun!


  1. I play bejeweled once in a while, but too often 1 hour turns into 4 and the local population starts screaming for dinner that was never made....

  2. I'm usually too busy on the computer to play games. But sometimes I'll slow down and play with my son. It's always fun.

    Happy T-13!

  3. I'm just too scared of playing anything online, already on the computer too much. I used to like a good game of pinball when I was young.

  4. I never play video games not online not nowhere. I just don't like it. I don't even like to play cards, lol !

  5. Bejeweled has sucked me in more than a time or two.

  6. Don't even get me started on those FB games....

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  8. I sometimes play Bejewelled and it's good!

  9. I sometimes play Bejewelled and it's good! Mariposa's T13

  10. I'll have to try these out. I just have to do it away from the kids. If they catch on, I'll never get the computer back!

    Happy 127th TT! Wow!

  11. I have a friend that is addicted to bejeweled. As for myself? I just play a lot of solitaire.

  12. I have fallen happy victim to Bejeweled so many times, for hours at a stretch, and I don't dare check out the other ones you list in case I end up addicted to them too!

  13. Oh dear, I do not need these distractions!! I must avert my eyes from your list before my finger is compelled to click. Must... Resist...

  14. I think I still prefer the good ole Tetris.

    Here's my T13.


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