Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Today, I present to you pictures of deer.
These were taken in 2006, 2007 and 2008, mostly from my windows.

1. Seeing double.

2. Having breakfast.

3. Looking out.

4. Getting ready for a meeting.

5. Taking a rest.

6. Making a stand.

7. Watching.

8. Double trouble.

9. Seeing spots.

10. Winter feed.

11. Grass is greener in the front yard.

12. Pretty boy.

13. "Gardening."

Thursday Thirteen is played by lots of people; you can learn more about it here. My other Thursday Thirteens are here. This is number 107!


  1. That many deer in my yard would make me nervous. I have too many flowers and a garden. I guess you don't have a dog.

  2. Great shots...and a great way to do the meme!

  3. lovely shots of the deer. we don't get any around our place or, at least i never see any...

  4. The deer are fabulous! What a lovely thing to see out your window from time to time.

    The Pink Palace Museum is in Memphis, Tennessee.

    Discovery 4 Life

  5. You could make post cards out of a lot of these. Excellent list.

  6. Nice presentation of your photos... Got some cuties there in your yard, and sooo close to the house too!!


  7. What beautiful deer, unfortunately the only deer I see are in front of my car on my way home from work at night, I don't find them quite so beautiful that way!
    Lovely pictures just the same, Alice Audrey is right, many of those photos could be postcards.

  8. Those twins are too cute!! You have a great view. I guess you don't have a crazy husky that chases everything away...

  9. Beautiful. All of them! Deer are such peaceful looking creatures.

  10. Great shots! I love deer, grew up with them around... bad for the garden, great for watching.

  11. Wow...such wonderful deer shots, Anita. I particularly love #3---that looks like an enchanted, magic forest. Beautiful.


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