Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Review: Momma Mia

Momma Mia, with Glen Close - I mean Meryl Streep - has been playing on HBO.

I watched the movie in its entirety the night it debuted and I've seen pieces of it several times since then.

Some of the singing is off key. However it is a fun movie with a fairy tale ending. Kind of a modern Cinderella story with a twist, if you will.

The musical features songs by ABBA, and since they were one of my favorite bands growing up, I know every song. That is part of what makes this show so fun. Who hasn't heard those songs?

This is one of two movies I've seen this year that I think were made for sleep overs for women ages 40 and up. Not that I know of women who have sleepovers like that, but if we all did then this is one of the movies I'd offer up. The other is the Sex in the City movie.

The story line for Momma Mia goes like this: young girl on eve of wedding wants to know who her daddy is. She reads Mom's diary and decides it can be one of three guys, so she invites all three to the wedding. They arrive, Mom freaks. Young girl's beau is perturbed. Friends arrive to help out. Wedding day arrives, things don't go quite as planned, lovely happy ending.


This is my favorite part of the movie. It won't let you embed it. Click it and watch it, though.


  1. I had fun watching this movie at the theater when it came out. I wished at the time that I could have been watching it at a 40 yr old slumber party! It is too hard to sing out loud as loudly as you want to in the theater. Silly movie but a fun musical blast from the past!

  2. Oops, do you mean Meryl Streep? She's one of my favorite actresses!
    Kind of funny seeing Pierce Brosnan singing.

  3. oops, yes, Meryl Streep. I was confused. Thanks for the catch.

  4. My daughter and I watched during the school year one day when she was sick. We enjoyed it. I did feel watching and seeing Pierce Bronson sing was a little painful.


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