Monday, May 18, 2009

A Whole New World

When I found out 18 days ago that I would no longer be writing for the newspaper, a job I had coveted since I was 8 years old, I really thought my world had ended.

What would I do? What would happen? How would I pull my weight around the house? Contributing to the monetary account had always been important to me, and something I'd always done.

Thankfully the questions have now begun to dim. I still don't have a solid way to make a dollar but that is slowly losing its importance. I am gaining time and I am beginning to appreciate that. Now I have lots of hours to tend to my home, my yard, my garden. And most importantly, tender moments with my husband, not hurried smooches between interviews and government board meetings.

However, that doesn't mean I need to lose my skills and stop writing. A break is one thing. Stopping is quite another.

So I set today as my day to start ... something. As I write this (the night before, really) I still am not sure what that something will be. A writing project of some kind.

Maybe a new website.

Or a nonfiction book.

A poem. Or two.

Maybe that great American novel.

Or a memoir.


I have set myself a goal of spending two hours a day on a long-term project of some sort. Hopefully I will wake up with an idea of what that will be and by the time you read this I will be at the computer, working away. Then I will spend another two hours trying to find freelance work.

I won't be telling anyone about my long-term project, though, until I am well into it. I don't want to disappoint.

But do ask me how it's going, okay? Because it is good to know that someone cares if I fill my time with something other than soap operas or a video game.

It's kind of exciting, knowing I am on the cusp of a brand new day.


  1. Sounds like you're lemon is turning into lemonade :-)

  2. Sounds like the break was a pause, take a deep breath, get ready, get set, GO!

    Will send prayers for inspiration to blossom and bloom over there!

    BTW, so glad you have appreciated the gift of time.

  3. Best of luck to you!

  4. I'm really looking forward to hearing of your progress. So glad you see the wonderful opportunities in this big change. My very best to you as you walk a new path!

  5. Good luck! I know you'll do well, whatever it is you choose. I can't wait to hear about it.

    And A Whole New World is the only song i still know how to play on the piano....hehe.

  6. Oh, the writer friends will put pressure on you, don't worry about that!

    See, when one door closes, another opens. You are making it happen! That is wonderful. What a great opportunity that you can do this!

  7. Where ever we turn our intention and back it up with time spent practicing, it eventually it comes to fruition. Plant some good writing seeds and watch that beanstalk take off!

  8. It is mighty scary when everything changes - my best thoughts to you, and I hope that your "next chapter" gets going.

    What about other paper gigs? Or magazine writing?


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