Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Remembering Karen Carpenter

Karen Carpenter of The Carpenters was one of my favorite singers.

Every year I enjoy hearing her Christmas carols. Her songs remind me of my teenage years. I grew up on this voice. All I wanted to do was sing like Karen Carpenter.

What a shame she was unable to enjoy her work and live to see a long life.

She died at the age of 32 from complications from anorexia. I remember hearing of her death; I was home sick myself with mono at the time.

I have watched footage of Karen in concert. She really seemed happiest when she was playing drums instead of singing. She has a perfect voice, though. I am glad she was able to share it with the world.


  1. Ah yes, I remember her well. You couldn't be at a wedding or graduation in the 70s without hearing "We've Only Just Begun". I have to agree with you that drums were her first love, but boy her voice was silky so I'm glad she sang!

  2. One of my favorites as well. I have been thinking that you should bring your guitar and we should find a few others who like to sing and make music and have a sing around the fireplace sometime soon. Sunday morning on NPR there was a "This I Believe" article read by a guy who believes in singing with people. It was a great piece and inspired me. Wanna come sing some Karen Carpenter songs?

  3. Her voice was perfection. I still love listening to the Carpenters during the holidays.

    You can tell how thin she was even in this video underneath that big heavy coat. Poor thing. She struggled so hard with the illness.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  4. I remember her well, also. But I had forgotten (or never knew) that she died from anorexia. Such a terrible disorder - the secretary at the company where I had my first job died of anorexia also. I felt so helpless, watching her decline.

  5. We didn't know about anorexia back then. I hate how we're so obsessed about our weight in this country!

    I want to come and sing Karen Carpenter songs!

  6. Ginger - thank you for that great invitation. Let me practice up some more and then we'll see. Right now I am still very rusty!


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