Monday, September 08, 2008

Julie and Romeo Get Lucky

Julie and Romeo Get Lucky
By Jeanne Ray
Read by Jeanne Ray
7 hours
Copyright 2005 or thereabouts

This was a fun book to listen to. Julie and Romeo are an older couple whose family for the longest time had a feud. They owned competing flower shops.

But Julie and Romeo become a couple and Julie's daughter and Romeo's son are wed, so that feud is no more.

The book begins with Julie and Romeo feeling feisty. Romeo decides to carry his beloved up a flight of steps to the bedroom.

His back is not quite as willing as the rest of him. Down he goes and he's told to stay in bed and not move until he heals.

Meanwhile, granddaughter Sarah has developed a weird fixation on the lottery and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Hilarity ensues over the course of a string of events, all of which actually seem believable given the characters and situation.

I liked this enough that I might just have to seek out the first Julie and Romeo book.

3.5 stars

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