Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Dangerous Game

One of my nephews, Emory, is the quarterback for LBHS this year. It is his senior year; I suppose this makes him big man on campus.

His brother, Chris, is a freshman at LB and he is playing JV football. He is number 45 (above) and is some kind of linebacker or blocker.

During the Hidden Valley game last Friday, the oldest nephew took a hit to the head and received a concussion. He was hauled from the game via ambulance. His doctor has told him he can't play for two weeks. This boy also took a blow last year in the shoulder that ultimately ended up causing him to have surgery to have part of rib removed in January because of a blood clot.

Earlier this week, the younger nephew received a brain-rattling blow and now he also has a concussion.

Neither boy will be playing ball this week, I have been told.

Football seems like a very dangerous sport. I don't know if these boys aren't being taught how to perform properly which is why they're having these injuries or if something else is going on. Maybe they need different helmets?

In any event, I do wish they'd have taken up golf or swimming or track instead.


  1. I hear ya! All those contact blows can't be good for the body. I don't know how they take it, actually. Hope the concussion is minor...

  2. Yikes. Those are some pretty rough statistics for your family.

  3. Wow, that's scarey. I hope the young one won't suffer long term effects! Good luck to both as they venture back into their games. =)

  4. Ugh, that is frightning! Hopefully, the coaching staff will rethink the training and equipment the team works with and see if improvements can be made. That's a bit much for young ones to deal with.

  5. I wish them both well and hope the recovery is speedy.

  6. My goodness, that's rather alarming. Best wishes to both for a rapid and complete recovery.

  7. It is scary isn't it? I wonder if my daughter knows your nephews, she's also a freshman at LB :)
    Were you at the game this past Friday?
    By the way, thank you for the Happy Anniversary wishes! And I promise I am going to finish replying to your email!


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