Thursday, April 03, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

1. My husband says he never dreams. I don't believe him, because he sometimes mutters in his sleep.

2. However, not once has he woke up and said, "I dreamed last night that...." Not in 24 years of sleeping together has he ever told me a dream. I think that is sad.

3. I dream every night. In color.

4. Tuesday night I dreamed the federal government hauled me off from the library. I thought it was because I was topless.

5. They took me to a room where my husband had also been "disappeared" to. At least we were together.

6. A man who looked a lot like the bearded Al Gore kept grilling us to tell the truth, but he never said about what.

7. Then he took my pillow and cut in half. Maggots fell out of the middle of it.

8. "You are part of the cult!" the man screamed.

9. As a child I had a persistent dream of a black-hooded man who chased me through the garden. I hid behind the scarecrow. He always found me.

10. My grandmother dreamed that Jesus came to her and took her wedding ring from her finger. "You won't be needing this anymore," he told her. My grandfather died three days later.

11. When I was very small, I would wake in the middle of the night with the certainty that a woman sat on the end of my bed. My mother always said I was dreaming when she came in after I screamed.

12. Those particular screams and dreams stopped when we moved to another house.

13. I have always been pretty sure that woman wasn't a dream. She was a ghost.

I am not an official Thursday Thirteen participant, but I understand you can learn more about it here. This is my 46th Thursday Thirteen, so I suppose I should someday figure out how to play properly.


  1. Good golly! Those are some wild dreams. Sounds like your husband has the better deal.

  2. I seldom dream and when I do they're not long remembered...and I never remember dreaming in color. They're more just thoughts or an essence of being. This might explain why I do so poorly trying to visualize (for hypnosis or whatever). I sense more than I see. The good news is that I've hardly ever had a nightmare.

  3. This was my first day of playing Thursday 13 but I'm loving it. I really enjoyed the list. I also dream in color - every night.

    I think the dream your grandmother had was awesome. And yep - I agree with you that the woman sitting on the edge of the bed wasn't a dream. :)

  4. I loved this "episode" of Thirteen Thursday. Your dreams are so interesting, esp. the scary ones! I think dreams can come from God too. And as a therapist, I love to hear about dreams. I think they say lot about a person and what they are going through in life.

  5. Not knowing one dreams or remembering dreams has something to do with the ability to bring the dreams to the surface. Not to imply it is a deficiency but more to do with how we sleep. I dream every night and in colour. What I have noticed over the years is how dreams are remembered. It is as if the entire dream is remembered immediately once awake, but every second that goes by the less the dream is remembered. It seems that instead of remembering the whole dream as one can the second they wake up, slowly only snippets begin to stand out until those are gone as well. Of course, the strongest ones remain with us for some reason. Lately I have been dreaming about everyone that I know that has died. They are not dead in my dreams though.

  6. Wow, you have really interesting dreams! I do dream, but mine are quite dull in comparison. :-) And your grandmother's dream was amazing.

    I'm with you...the woman sitting at the end of your bed had to have been a ghost.

  7. My husband says he never dreams either. He mutters as well, and has giggled or sung songs. It's hard to tell because he speaks in Greek when he does. I think it's an REM thing and he might, but just doesn't fully engage.

    I've always had lucid dreams, and actually love to dream. It's like a little mental vacation. Well, mostly.

    When I first became a mom I used to have all these terrible things happen in my dreams to the baby. I'd set it down on the stove or drop him over the rail. I was so terrified that I'd do something wrong, though I must admit I still walk on the far side of our landings and make the children hold the rail every time going down the stairs.

    I also have a little second sight in dreams....but I think many of us do. It's just a matter of paying attention or not.

    Cool post! Shan


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