Thursday, June 24, 2021

Thursday Thirteen

1. We've had a few days with low humidity. Lovely! I can actually breathe when I'm outside.

2. A little rain also washed away some of the dust and pollen. I could step out of my house bubble!

3. Soon the Virginia mask-wearing mandate expires. In Virginia, it's illegal to wear a mask in an effort to conceal one's identity. People have been able to identify me with my mask on, but I have asked my doctor for a note to allow me to continue to wear a mask.

4. I've been vaccinated and I'm not afraid of Covid. It's all the other bad germy things out there that I'd like to stay away from. Having spent at least half of each year of my life on antibiotics, I would like to find someway to avoid becoming that ill. If a mask will help, then I'll mask up.

5. I've been asking myself deep questions of late. Like, does everyone actually have a soul? Are there people without souls? Can those people, if they exist, still be kind? Does morality require a soul?

6. It's been a long time since I took a philosophy class or read a philosophy book. Might be time to brush up on those ideas.

7. I still don't understand what twitter does, exactly, or how to utilize it. Mostly that's because I don't think I have anything to say.

8. I also can't decide if I want to talk about politics, writing, or something else entirely. Maybe I could find a niche talking about deer. Whatcha think?

9. Today I raced into Walmart, in and out in 20 minutes. Not because of health concerns, but because I had a chiropractor appointment and didn't want to be late. Walmart was out of my husband's shampoo, though. I guess he will have to use mine for a while.

10. Makeup became a non-thing for me during the pandemic, and now I am sensitive to the mascara brand I was using. I need to find something totally hypoallergenic (although I thought that was what I was using).

11. What do you do with an 11-year-old computer that still works?

12. Earlier today, I told a friend that someone we both know needs to be face-slapped from shore to shore.

13. Change is always here, and it's a part of life. Half of the country doesn't seem to understand that. They will be left behind. Be the change or embrace the change, but don't be stagnant. 

Thursday Thirteen is played by lots of people; there is a list here if you want to read other Thursday Thirteens and/or play along. I've been playing for a while and this is my 712th time to do a list of 13 on a Thursday. Or so sayth the Blogger counter, anyway.


  1. I guess we all ask ourselves deep questions. I have peace about my soul because of my Christian beliefs. My beliefs teach me that we follow the teachings of Jesus. We are created with a soul. We are also give choice to go right or wrong. A Christian is not perfect! We make many mistakes-sin. But there are many people who say they are Christians, but they do not practice the teachings of Jesus. To love one another, to be kind to all people and to love God. A pastor named Greg Laurie said that all roads lead to God. That means that at the end of our life, we will stand before God. But only one road leads to Heaven and that is through Jesus Christ. These are my beliefs. I pray that you have peace. I know you care about people as I do. I also have to wear hypo allergic makeup. I don't wear it often. That was the nice thing about the pandemic, not having to worry about makeup or what to wear. I do understand your reasons to wear your mask. Our pastor stated that at our church, you were free to wear a mask or not wear a mask. That if you wanted to talk to him but wanted a mask worn, he would do it. Why? Love one another and that is a part of it. Calif. just lifted our mandatory mask issue and our church had complied through it. Have a great day Anita!

  2. I didn't know #3 and I live here. I too like philosophy and those big questions. #12 is funny and #13 right on.

  3. I get in moments of deep thought like that, too. So does my son. Interesting conversations prevail. As for #8, why limit yourself? Politics, writing, and deer... oh, my! And your #13... spot on!

  4. Masks sure worked for everything this past 'flu and cold season! There are so many people out there in Internet land, there are sure to be a lot of deer niche people! If my computer still works, I use it. Mine is slow, but nothing wrong otherwise. If no one wants it as a donation, I guess it has to go to the electronic recycle depot. Or, give it away on Craigslist.
    Oh, people that choose to be left behind aggravate me! In a corner of my state there live some old ranchers, who complain that their "way of life" is threatened by the government. They don't seem to understand that their "way of life" doesn't fit in with this century! We aren't the wild west anymore! A woman complained once in a ranch store where I worked that people were moving in from out of state with "their ideas." Since when are ideas things to fear? (I was one of the "out of staters" with ideas!)

  5. My last computer lasted about 10 years, and I used it until it basically died. :-) Yes, you're right that sometimes change is good.


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