Friday, March 05, 2021

Batwoman Review

Batwoman, Season 2, is playing on the CW. I'm recording it and am a few episodes behind. Season 1 was so bad I wasn't going to inflict more of it upon my husband.

Season 2 is slightly better than season 1, so far. That isn't saying much, because the writing in Season 1 was absolutely awful. The acting was fine but the writing was among the worst I have ever seen.

Season 2 had a rough start. The show had to replace character Kate Kane, who was Batwoman, with a new person, Ryan, as Batwoman. The actor who played Kate Kane bowed out after the first season (I could hardly blame her, as bad as the writing was). 

The first few episodes have been establishing this new Batwoman. It goes beyond credibility more than once, and sometimes I feel like the show has simply leapt over significant plot holes, but it is an improvement over season 1, to a point.

The writing is still bad, but the introduction of a new villain shows promise. We'll see.

When this show was first announced, I had high hopes for it. I like Supergirl, which is in its final season this spring. I like shows with strong heroines. 

But I also like shows with good writing, and Batwoman suffers from a serious lack of imagination.

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