Sunday, August 09, 2020

Sunday Stealing

 Sunday Stealing

1. What are your plans for August?

A. To not be where I can catch Covid, to read a lot, to reconsider a lot of various things in various contexts, and to pursue a project of some kind (as yet to be determined).

2. Review the first half of 2020.

A. Oh dear. January - Husband still on knee scooter from ankle fusion surgery. February - Husband walking around in boot. March - Present day. Husband up and walking around, back to farming, he retired from the fire department unexpectedly (couldn't get his fire boots on with a fused ankle, who knew?), he installed a few septic tanks, too, and we learned to wear masks, wash our hands, and watched in horror as some of the most idiotic people I've ever seen turned up on youtube/twitter/etc. doing things that they should have learned not to do when they were toddlers (who throws a temper tantrum in a store when they're an adult?). I've never seen such entitled twits in all of my life. I suppose I should mention there is a pandemic?

3. A place you’d go if money were no object.

A. I always wanted to see the pyramids in Egypt. If money were no object, then I'd go in style, with people waiting on me and tending to my every whim.

4. Who was your childhood best friend?

A. I had new friends every year because I seldom had the same people in class with me. In high school, I had some friends who stuck around for a good long time - one I am still friends with though we seldom communicate - but mostly I kept to myself. 

5. Name the city or town you love most.

A. I guess that would be where I am now, although anywhere in the Blue Ridge Mountains would probably fit the bill. If I were to move, it would be to Charlottesville, VA, I think.

6. How do you spend hot days?

A. I have air conditioning, so the same way I spend other days. Inside, reading or working on the computer, or folding clothes. I do make an effort to get the weeding out of the way in the early mornings or late evenings on hot days.

7. Are you a skilled cook or baker?

A. Not particularly. I make decent fudge.

8. What is one thing you wish you could currently do?

A. Be healthier, but that takes time.

9. Name a time when you learned your lesson.

A. I can name a time when I learned *a* lesson. That was the day an adult in charge of me allowed a doctor to slap me in the face because I "backtalked" as I tried to explain to the adult and the doctor why I had constant earaches. The adult said nothing, did not defend me, did not take my side, did not walk me out there, or slap the doctor back. The adult laughed and said I deserved it. I did not, of course. I think I was 14 or so. I learned with absolute certainty who I could not count on to protect me. I also was 100% sure I wasn't the first young girl that man had slapped around in his office, and I refused to go back to see him. And years later when I read in the paper that that doctor had a motorcycle wreck and had to shut down his practice because he lost the use of his hand, I thought, "Karma is a bitch, isn't it, you asshole." 

10. What consistently makes you laugh?

A. A good joke.

11. Name routines that bring you calm and peace.

A. Tai chi helps lower my blood pressure. I also like coloring, putting together jigsaw puzzles on the computer, or snuggling with my husband.

12. Who annoys you the most?

A. The Orange Menace.

13. Describe some of your favorite household items.

A. My computer, my guitars, my books, and my frying pan.

14. What have you gotten better at?

A. I've gotten better at standing up for myself. Unfortunately, some people cannot accept that I have an opinion and find it easier to walk away from me than attempt to understand that I am my own person, too, and not his or her doormat. I am getting better at not being a doormat.

15. Share a random memory.

A. Picture it - a beautiful June day. A young girl of five plays with her dolls and a doll blanket on the stoop at her grandmother's house. Somehow, her feet become tangled in the blanket and she falls off the stoop. She breaks her front tooth off and busts her mouth. Blood pours. Her grandmother hears the screams and rushes out. The front tooth remains missing until the permanent tooth grow in. Snaggle tooth.

16. How many pairs of shoes do you have?

A. I don't know. I have several pairs of sneakers that are all alike. That is all I wear these days.

17. Who do you go to for encouragement?

A. My husband or my friends.

18. References you make that others don’t get.

A. I think most of my references about The Lord of the Rings go right over people's heads, with the exception of my brother. He gets them.

19. What are 10 things you consider essential for you?

A. That's a big number. A hair dryer, showers, deodorant, clothes, shoes, socks, underwear, unscented soap and shampoo, toilet paper, Q-tips. That's more than 10, I think.

20. Is there any accent you wish you had?

A. I would like to have no accent. I am southern and sound it. I'd like to sound like a news anchor person, with no accent.

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  1. Oh my stars, that doctor! I can picture my parents saying I had it coming if I had talked back to the doctor, but I can't imagine a doctor slapping anyone in the face! Not even back in the day. I've always wanted to visit Egypt, too, but it's going to take more than money to get me there. I'm afraid of being caught up in a war or terrorist attack or something. Aw, poor snaggle tooth girl! I took a lot of spills as a kid. The worst left me with a still visible scar on my chin, but thankfully I never knocked any teeth out. With me it was always the knees...hence my current knee troubles.

  2. How horrible that a doctor would slap a patient.
    Enjoyed your answers.
    Have a good Sunday.

  3. The doctor deserved a good slap!

    2020 has been horrible so far hasn't it?




  4. My mom went to Egypt alone at my age and tried to climb a pyramid! I can barely do my stairs!

  5. good for you to answer so many complex questions! I found the orange one annoying on the apprentice when I saw it, but he's terrifying in his current role. The slap!!! I can't imagine that going unprosecuted today, can you? it shows why women were doormats, we were physically and verbally kept in line by domineering men, and women supporting them!!! grrrrr. I like your answer to #14... me too but it still causes me to be judged, I just put up with the judgement.
    I can't wear boots you have to point your toes to put on either, anymore. body's wearing out are annoying.

  6. Love the new header photos! Wow!

    Ok, that doctor memory has me so tense! Yikes!!!

  7. I love a Southern accent...that was on my short list. I have no accent. I think it is boring.
    The doctor slapping you! OH MY WORD! That would have been the last time that idiot saw my kid. Loved your answers! Have a nice Sunday!

  8. Perfect description of the first half of the year. Terrible story about the doctor...good grief! I have no desire to go to anywhere in the middle east, though it would be cool to see the pyramis.

  9. Egypt sound fascinating and if I went there I would have to go to the Holy land too. Wow a doctor slapped you! I like to hear people with a southern accent. I have been told I have no accent which is typical for California born residents. Who was more freaked out about the mising tooth, you or grandma? Enjoy your week!

  10. That doctor should have loss his license! I also get your Lord of the Rings references ( fan here too, although not as great as you! Ha! Ha! ) Trying to figure out my “new” life now and this pandemic hasn’t helped so my days are spent working and my free time trying to do things around the house that need tending and we’re difficult to do the last few years. Oddly enough they are still hard just for a different reason.Take care .

  11. Oh that doctor!! I want to smack him around so much. Awful. rotten man. The trip to Egypt sounds great. Hope you get to go one day.
    I broke out laughing at "orange menace" kind of like Dennis the Menace.

  12. Me, too... the Orange Menace. Grrrrr
    That doctor should have been arrested for battery. I know the other person ... unimaginable. He'd have been picking himself up off his floor...
    Let's go to Egypt together. But we'll have to hurry. I want to ride a camel, and those days are getting short!
    I could listen to your soft southern accent all day long. It's really very pretty.


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