Monday, August 10, 2020

My Fireman Gets His Axe

My husband retired officially from the Roanoke City Fire-EMS Department on June 1. Because of Covid, he wasn't able to have a retirement dinner or anything that is normally done for a retirement.

This morning, we went to Roanoke Fire-EMS Station 5, which was the station my husband worked out of and the Battalion Chief's headquarters for the "north side," as his area is called.

As we neared the station, I saw several engines and ambulances parked in the vicinity. My husband saw them, too. "Oh gosh," he said. I thought I would cry but I did not. Several of the stations and most of the administration turned out in force to say, "Farewell," to their former chief.

After 37+ years of service, my man deserved a little something!

When he walked up to greet everyone, it was very emotional to watch. My husband was a well-respected Battalion Chief. Most of the emergency service workers appreciated his efforts to lead them and ensure their safety. He seemed to get along well with everyone when he was working.

The Chief and my husband elbow-bumped in greeting.

They did a lot of standing around and talking. My husband was pleased to see his old friends.

As you can see, there were a good number of people there. The "white shirts" are administrators.

During a presentation, the Chief noted my husband's long tenure with the department.

Everyone watched respectfully.

My husband was the second-longest serving firefighter in the department when he retired.

The Chief presented him with this engraved axe.

The plaque on it has my husband's name, rank, and years of service.

Here they are posing for the camera. (My husband's the one of the left.)

A little handshaking took place. That is why we wash our hands.

Here's a close-up of the axe. I like that the red of the fire engine is reflected in the axe head.

After some of the emergency service workers left, I had him stand in front of his Battalion Chief's
vehicle, holding his axe. Since it was just us and we were in an open space, he took his mask off so I could get a good photo.

Congratulations to my love. He deserved to be recognized for his long years of service and his leadership. I am so proud!


  1. What a nice ceremony and the axe is way cool! Congrats to your husband on a wonderful career that made a difference!

  2. Congratulations to your husband! What a great celebration!

  3. Special day for both of you I’m sure. Congradulations to James.


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