Sunday, June 23, 2019

Sunday Stealing

Sunday Stealing

1. Are you a happy person?

A. I'm a strong, resilient, thoughtful, smart, kind, caring, and decent person, but "happy" is not generally an adjective I use to describe myself.

2. What is happiness for you?

A. Being safe, secure, and untroubled.

3. What do you think is the color of happiness?

A. Blue. Or maybe purple. I suspect it is different for everyone.

4. Can money buy happiness?

A. It can buy health care.

5. Is happiness a state of mind?

A. To some degree. I think it is also influenced by environment, diet, the echo chamber of the mass media, and chemical make up.

6. What are three things that make you happy?

A. Holding my husband's hand, reading a book, writing a good article.
7. Does having a pet make you happy?

A. I don't have a pet. I enjoyed having pets when I had them but they are not essential to me.

8. When was the happiest time of your childhood?

A. I was happiest when I was in school. I loved school.

9. Can you be happy if you are rich?

A. Yes, of course you can.

10. Do you think happiness lies within you or does it depend on other people and external things?

A. I think it's a combination of things. See above. Questions are a bit redundant, eh?

11. Are single people happy?

A. Yes, of course they can be.

12. What is the effect that animals/pets have on people to make them feel happy?

A. I understand petting an animal can make people feel calmer.

13.  Can you be happy if you are poor?

A. Yes.

14. What is there to be happy about in today’s world?

A. The sunshine, the sky, the flowers, the fact that you're alive and not dead, the squirrel on the fence post outside my window, the fact that I have a friend coming over for lunch.

15. How happy are you compared with your friends?

A. I think most of my friends are happier than I am, or least, they don't tend to brood as much as I do. But some of my issues come from medication I take, so it's an outside influence.

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  1. I agree the questions are somewhat redundant. And I think happy colors are yellow, pink, and orange.

  2. I suspect my son's answers to these questions would be similar to your's. I do love the minds of both of you though. You both think so deeply, both smart. Perhaps you are both meant to do very important things that require you to be more serious. I am a silly mess. I do not know how Josh can stand to be around me. I have told him that. your answers! Have a nice Sunday!

  3. I absolutely love your answer to #14!

  4. Aha, another friend who at least considered th color purple... I really thought about that one... and purple just seemed to be the only one for me.. Have a marvelous new week!


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