Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The White Streak

I bought a little game camera to place around the house to see if I could capture footage of animals I don't normally see.

This came about because an opossum scared the wits out of me the other night when it was thumping around on the front porch. I wondered what else might be out there.

So far, mostly I captured 1,500 shots of rain drops and a tree blowing in the wind.

But then there was this:

This intriguing streak across the camera that occurred in the early morning hours on Saturday.

I have no idea what it is. A piece of a tree branch blown off in the wind? A bug? A bat?

A wayward snowflake?

A ghost?

Anyway, so far it's the most interesting image to come out of my game camera. We'll see what else shows up as time passes and I keep moving the thing to different spots around the exterior of the house.

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