Monday, June 11, 2018

Newborn Calf

This little one was born in the field in front of the house recently. The baby had a drink, took a nap, and then mama moved him to someplace safe.

Cows usually "hide" their young for three days, taking them to the shelter of cedar trees or sometimes  a brush pile (though I am not sure a brush pile - which has to be full of snakes and bees and other critters, is a safe place).

Afterwards, mother and calf join the herd. If there are other mamas with calves close to the same age, sometimes they babysit for one another. It is very cool to watch.


  1. What a gorgeous scene. And such a lovely meadow. Your herd is so lucky. They can live a natural life following their instincts. Most of our meat and animal products come from beasts kept in completely unnatural conditions, never seeing new grass or the light of day, all in the name of economic efficiency. They'd think your farm was heaven.


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