Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Just a Little Rain

Over the last six days, we've had dramatic rain falls. As of yesterday at lunch time, we'd had more than six inches of rain.

Then it rained about 1/4 inch around lunchtime.

And then it rained 1-3/4 inches after supper.

There was flooding all over the place. We watched the water run off the hills. We knew we would find a mess in the driveway but it was a bit worse than we'd anticipated.

Gravel in the yard.

A ditch couldn't carry the water and so more gravel went into the yard.

This ditch did have concrete and river rock in it to try to keep the water moving
and in its place. It didn't work.

This is a large overflow.

More gravel in the yard.

This is the overflow. You can see the many layers of gravel, pug, and crush-and-run we've put down
over the years. I think this time it eroded all the way back to the foundation of the driveway. That mud
in the middle there? That would be the water mark where the drain couldn't take the rain
and it poured over the driveway.

A lot of gravel is in the neighbor's pasture.

This is the lower side of the driveway near the road. That ditch cut-away isn't supposed
to be there.

I'm pretty sure some of those larger rocks were buried further up.

I think the rain tried to take out the mailbox.

What a mess.

Yep, definitely tried to take the mailbox.

Photos taken with my iPhone SE.

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  1. We have been getting plenty of rain here this spring, too. We're not on a hill, but our lot lies a bit lower than those around us and always tends to be wet-ish. Currently, as I'm wanting to get to work on the garden and yard, the yard resembles a mud bog.


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