Sunday, April 15, 2018

Three Pet Peeves

1. That the U.S. is an "opt out" nation with everything while other nations are "opt in." This is why we have so many stupid telemarketing calls. We have to "opt out" to stop them. Other countries don't allow this and citizens don't have to put up with that crap.

2. Books with bad endings.

3. People who think it is their job to remind me I'm overweight, as if somehow I forgot that for even one second of my life.

Linking up with the April challenge from Kwizgiver. April 14 done!


  1. 1. Wow. I can barely imagine having to "opt in" to marketing calls and such. Wouldn't that be amazing?
    2. Books, movies, TV shows...bad endings suck everywhere.
    3. Have you been talking to my mom?

  2. Ugh! Pet peeve worthy peeves, indeed!

  3. People can be so mean and ruthless! We do not need that reminder that we are over weight! I got that too from ex! YES I agree with books, movies etc having bad endings. Seems here lately I am getting so many telemarketing calls drives me bananas!


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