Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sunday Stealing: Brrr

Sunday Stealing: Brrr

1. Do you prefer winter or summer? Why?

A. I prefer spring and autumn, but those were not my choices. So I will say summer, because it is warmer and things are green and do not look like death has stomped across the farm.

2. What are your favorite winter activities?

A. Sitting in a warm house reading a book.

3. Can you tell me about a time you went skiing or skating?

A. It has been so long that those brain cells are damaged or dead. Sorry.

4. Have you ever made a snow angel?

A. Of course.

5. Is your house cold?

A. Yes. Although I finally decided today that 70 degrees was better than the 68 degrees we normally keep the thermostat on. I was freezing.

6. Do you have a fireplace in your house?

A. I do, but we only use it when the electricity goes out because I am allergic to dust and wood smoke and it's hard on my asthma.

7. What do you usually do to keep warm in the winter?

A. Sit under a blanket and wear layered clothing.

8. Have you ever gone hiking in the snow?

A. Yes, a long time ago.

9. Tell me about a snowball fight you had.

A. I don't recall any snowball fights.

10. Have you ever looked at a snowflake carefully?

A. Yes. I've tried to photograph individual ones, but I have never been successful.

11. Do you have a sled? Have you been sledding?

A. I do not own a sled at this time and I have not been sledding in about 30 years, and I do not intend to go sledding again.

12. What do you usually do after a big snowfall?

A. Drink hot chocolate and listen to my husband complain about the snow.

13. What’s the best thing about winter?

A. The snow puts nitrogen back into the soil.

14. What’s the worst thing about winter?

A. It's cold!

15. Have you ever been in a blizzard?

A. We've had snowstorms here that were classified as blizzards (I think).

16. Can you describe ice for me?

A. Ice is frozen water. You can see through a thin veil of it and it will create a illusive world that doesn't really exist. You cannot walk through it, for it will break, but if we could we would find a place that only exists in imagination.

17. Have you ever slipped on ice and hurt yourself?

A. Yes.

18.Have you ever had to shovel snow?

A. Yes.

19. Will you be watching the Olympics?

A. Yes.

20. If yes, what are your favorite events?

A. I like ice skating and ice dancing.


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  1. Your description of ice is pure poetry!

  2. I had to chuckle at your answer to #12 because now that you mention it, I hear a great deal of complaining from my husband when we get a big snow. LOL

  3. Now I want a cup of hot chocolate!

  4. I love that phrase - "a place that only exists in imagination." Such a beautiful idea. Right now, I'm gonna go have a cup of hot chocolate and try to get warm! Thanks for visiting my blog, and have a great week.


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