Friday, November 10, 2017

Trying to Draw

I have never considered myself to by a drawing sort of artist. I may be a photography sort of artist, and a writing sort of artist, but "artwork" does not seem to be my thing.

This morning, in a moment of meditation, I thought I'd try to draw something on an LED writer I picked up to use instead of post-it notes.

Here is the item I was drawing:

Yes, a little basket with checkbooks in it. Whoo hoo.

This looks like a basket - maybe - but one would never know what was in it.
I did find it an interesting exercise, much like I find coloring to be helpful to my anxiety. And with the LED board, one little click and my efforts are gone (unless, like this, I take a photo of it).

I should probably stick to coloring books.


  1. I'm more a photography than a drawing kind of artist too. I've tried coloring too and that's not my milieu either!

  2. I used to color well in my younger days, but find that as I have gotten older I am impatient in finishing the picture. So, I hurry and don't do a very good job of it. Drawing is not my strong suit either. LOL Just put a camera in my hand though and I become a GREAT photographer. LMAO


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