Saturday, November 18, 2017

Saturday 9: Son of Preacher Man

Saturday 9: Son of a Preacher Man (1968)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This song was originally offered to Aretha Franklin, who turned it down. What's the most recent thing that you said "no" to?

A. I can't think of anything off hand. I sure wish I could say "no" to sweets and chocolate, though.

2) Two years later, Aretha recorded "Son of a Preacher Man." What's something you changed your mind about?

A. We used to be Ford people. Now I drive a Toyota. 

3) This song tells the tale of Billy Ray, a young man who could be very persuasive. If we wanted to change your mind about something, would you be more easily swayed by an emotional argument, or with verifiable facts?

A. Facts.

4) If you ordered a "Son of a Preacher Man" in a bar, you'd get a cocktail made with peppermint schnapps, gin and lemonade. When did you last have lemonade? Was it just lemonade, or was it spiked with alcohol?

A. It would have been just lemonade, and I can't remember when I last had any.

5) Dusty had a thing for maps. She admired them artistically and enjoyed using them to take long car trips. Do you use printed maps? Or do you rely on technology, like GPS or Google Maps?

A. We still use printed maps but also use the GPS in the car. It is not the most reliable thing and can take you on some weird trails sometimes. Plus it thinks my driveway is about 300 feet before it really is.

6) As a girl, she attended convent school. There, one of the nuns discouraged Dusty from performing, telling her that if she would do better to be a mother or a librarian. When you were growing up, did the adults in your world encourage your dreams?

A. Heavens no. Well, my teachers did. "You're going to be a writer," they all said. My professors in college were also encouraging. My mother, on the other hand, wanted me to be sure I took secretarial courses because I wouldn't be able to make a living being a writer. I did make a living being a writer for 20 years, though. Maybe not the best living, but it was enough. My father wanted me to work for him but I could not do that. Otherwise, I suppose he expected me to marry.

7) That nun inspired Dusty's first major act of rebellion. In an attempt to make herself look less like a future librarian or housewife, she bleached her hair platinum blonde. In school, were you much of a rebel? Or did you conform to the expectations adults had of you?

A. I had my rebel moments, which always surprised the adults because I was an A student and teacher's pet otherwise. But I was also an A student who occasionally skipped classes.

8) Early in her career, Dusty provided the entertainment at a family summer camp. She appeared on the bill with a clown, a fire-eater and a hypnotist. Have you ever been hypnotized?

A. Yes, I have.

9) Random question: Have you ever played matchmaker to your friends? If yes, did your efforts lead to romance?

A. I don't think I have ever done that. I tend not to meddle in other people's lives if I can help it.

Today is my 34th wedding anniversary. My husband is not the son of a preacher man; he is a beautiful, caring, loving human being. I am lucky to have him and grateful to him for loving me. He says he has no regrets, and I think that is about the best compliment he could give me. We have had our share of troubles and concerns just like everyone has, but we have always managed to weather it all together. Love is not easy; it takes a great deal of work. But we are now on the other side, and heading into our old age together. If I can die with him holding my hand, all will be good.

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  1. Well, first off...Happy Anniversary! We celebrated our 33rd yesterday.

    Beyond that, I think you were right about us being friends if we lived closer. We do seem to have a lot of similar answers each week. Like Ford and Toyota. I'm still a Ford girl, but I drive a Toyota because my son works for them and the deals I get because of that can't be matched by Ford. The GPS in my Camry is pretty darn accurate, though. I was a straight A student who skipped a class "now and then."

  2. What a lovely tribute to your husband. Happy anniversary!

    We were going to a wedding in the hills one time (we drove past Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch the week he died). We were relying on the GPS for directions, and it was taking us way past where the wedding was, so we followed the road we could see that would lead to the wedding and after telling us several times that it was "recalculating" the voice on the GPS finally sighed in frustration and said "There IS a better way!" We laughed a lot about that.

  3. Happy anniversary! That last sentence melted my hard old heart. After 34 years of marriage, don't you think you could use that wisdom about love to bring two other people together? (I've never played matchmaker either, but I find Q#9 fascinating.)

  4. Congratulations! <3
    There is a road in New Hampshire that a farmer has a big sign up, "This road doesn't go through, the bridge has been washed out since the 55 hurricane" Some friends coming up from Connecticut to the cottage followed their GPS anyway. Yup, the bridge was out and the farmer had a sign there, "I told you so"

  5. It seems like there are quite a few Ford drivers now driving Toyota's these days...

    Happy Anni :)

  6. Happy Anniversary! Your tribute to your husband and your married life is very beautiful.
    I skipped class from time to time. I needed some away time since my life was so stressful. I'd just drive off into the mountains.
    I also don't meddle in other people's lives. There is so much of it going on that is subliminal. Who needs more?

  7. Happy Anniversary! What you described about your marriage is what it’s all about!! Being by each other’s side through whatever comes and holding on to each other till the end and just loving each other. I love it when people say they have no regrets and are still in love after many years of marriage.Gives a girl hope! I was a ford girl too but I love my Subaru!! This is my 2nd. They are great cars and hold their value pretty good. I tended to surprise people from time to time with my actions in school or really even now. They weren’t or are not really rebellious but “unexpected “ for my demeanor.


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