Saturday, August 05, 2017

Saturday 9: Wouldn't It Be Nice?

Saturday 9: Wouldn't It Be Nice? (1966)

. . . because Nonnie recommended the Beach Boys

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) In the video for this song, the Beach Boys dive into the pool with all their clothes on. Have you ever ended up in the water while fully clothed? If yes, were you pushed?

A. I don't recall that ever happening.

2) In this song, Mike Love sings he wishes "every kiss could be neverending." Where did you receive your first kiss? Was it wonderful, or awkward?

A. First kiss. Hmm. I think my first kiss was in second grade but I'm not 100% sure of that. I don't remember it, anyway. I'm not overly romantic. I remember my first kiss with my husband but not with anyone else. My first kiss with him was at the ballroom of the Ramada Inn, where we had gone dancing after the Friday night football game.

3) Brian Wilson was the creative force behind the Beach Boys. It's possible that the group's legendary and unique sound came from a incident of bad parenting. Brian's father hit him so hard with a wooden plank that he is deaf in his right ear. Which of your senses is sharpest -- sight, hearing, smell or taste?

A. I have very good smell. I can smell things that other people cannot, like snakes. And mice. I can smell if a mouse is in the house. I can also smell molds and mildew. But I also have unique hearing in that I can hear very low sounds that others cannot and very high pitched sounds that others cannot. For example, my in-laws once had a TV that had a high-pitched screech to it that made me cringe in pain every time I went up there. No one else could hear it, but I could. Fortunately the TV died a fairly quick death (for a TV) and I was very glad.

4) Brian's brother Dennis was the cutest member of the group, and also the only one who could surf. Have you been to the beach yet this summer?

A. No, and I do not expect to go. We've gotten a little old and cumbersome for the beach. Nobody wants to see my white fat legs.

5) Dennis was also the Beach Boys' most colorful member. In 1968, he struck up an unfortunate and dangerous friendship with Charles Manson. Is there anyone in your life that you worry has bad taste in friends/lovers?

A. Nobody that I will mention.

6) Lead singer Mike Love is the grumpiest Beach Boy. He refuses to perform if the concert promotional materials refer to the group or their songs as "oldies." Does it bother you to hear the songs, TV shows and movies of your youth described as "classics" or "oldies?"

A. It doesn't bother me. It amuses me, mostly. I know I am moving on up in age; it's part of the process.

7) This song has appeared on soundtracks for movies as diverse as Shampoo (1975), The Big Chill (1983), 50 First Dates (2004) and It's Complicated (2009). Do you own any movie soundtracks?

A. I have The Lord of the Rings (all three films) soundtrack. (I bet that is a surprise - not.) I also have the soundtrack to Xena: Warrior Princess but that was a TV show, not a movie. I may also have the first Harry Potter movie soundtrack here somewhere but I don't listen to it if I do.

8) In 1966, the year this song was popular, the Miranda Warning became law. Without looking it up, can you recite any of the Miranda Warning?

A. You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to an attorney. If you give up that right, anything you say can and may be used against you.  How'd I do? (Looked it up: close enough.)

9) Random question: The local college is pleading for models of all ages and sizes to pose for the life drawing class. Would you help the kids by volunteering to pose in the nude?

A. I'd pose in shorts but I wouldn't pose nude. Maybe topless but it would depend on the make-up of the class. All boys? No. All girls? Maybe. Mixed? Maybe.


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  1. I hear weird things like that, too. Someone talking in a crowd, maybe not, but that high pitched tiny sound...YES!

  2. I'll raise your fat, white legs with veins. I've got fat, white, veiny legs.

    I didn't know snakes had a smell. I've learned something this morning.

  3. Well, you're the first brave one to go topless for the artists! Not me, not me. You've changed your header a lot since my last visit (sorry), and I love the new pictures. No one needs to see my fat white legs either, but I still have to get to the water sometimes. I'm just drawn to it. Your hearing and smell senses amaze me! ~M

  4. Snakes and mice? I wonder if my dogs could hear those. Just to be fair, they are all snoring at each other and not waking each other while doing it.

  5. My gut reaction to #9 was "hell no" but then I thought about how it might be interesting as an artist to explore all the nooks and crannies of an aging, saggy body... how nude is nude? Is there something I can drape over the vital parts?

  6. You know you are getting old when teenagers call the Eagles "grandparent's music"

  7. You did very well on #8.
    I don't go into the water anymore. But I love the beach, waves and sunsets.
    You can smell a mouse. Amazing sense of smell! wow! Cool, too. ♥!

  8. I hear high pitched sounds easily too. I am a "water baby" allthough I prefer a pool to the ocean. I don't see either very much anymore. I like to walk on the beach late at night or early morning not swim with sharks, as for # 9.... I was asked last year to pose for art photos topless. Part of me would have liked to seen how they would have turned out since this peticular artist is extremely talented and a consummate professional. I'm sure the photos would have been tasteful and beautifully done but I didn't do it...I just couldn't get over the fear that my naked breast and face would end up somewhere on the internet haunting me or hurting someone I love later. Maybe I should have???


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