Saturday, July 08, 2017

Saturday 9: The Joker

Saturday 9: The Joker (1973)

because Stacy recommended it.

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) In this song, Steve Miller claims he's a picker, grinner, sinner, lover, smoker and joker. Do any of those six words describe you?

A. All but the smoker one. I've used the other words to describe myself in answers to some of these meme questions, if I'm not mistaken. I'm a picker (guitar player), grinner (weird sense of humor), sinner (aren't we all?), lover (thank you husband), and a joker (that weird sense of humor again). And I sure don't want to hurt no one.

2) He maintains he's still a midnight toker. When's the last time you got high?

A. Ha. With illegal substances, when I was a teenager. With stuff from the doctor, not all that long ago. Good thing I don't drink alcohol.

3) The lyrics include a reference to peaches. Name your favorite fruit.

A. Apple.

4) This song had a big impact on the character of Joey on Friends, who had an imaginary friend named Maurice with the occupation of space cowboy. Did you ever have an imaginary friend?

A. Oh yes. I had several of them when I was growing up. One was named Davy and he was very mischievous. I had another named Jamie, whom I told my mother I was going to marry when I grew up (and I married a James, imagine that). There were others, too. Sometimes when I am at the store and I am buying something silly (like say, a Wonder Woman coloring book) and someone asks me if it is for my daughter (or granddaughter, now that my hair is graying), I smile and say yes. Toys for my imaginary family.

5) Steve Miller is the pride of Milwaukee, WI. What else is Milwaukee famous for?

A. Beer is about all I can think of.

6) Steve Miller considers himself a serious blues guitarist. When did you last feel like singing the blues?

A. I sing them every day, I think.

7) In 1973, when this song was popular, you could buy a portable 8-track tape player for $44.50. On what device do you listen to music most often?

A. Now I listen to music on either my desktop computer or my Amazon Kindle, and I still listen to the radio or the CD player in the car.

8) A Curious George book packaged with a Curious George plush toy was a big seller at Christmas 1973. Tell us about a toy -- either given or received -- that brightened a holiday or birthday for you.

A. My brother this past Christmas gave me Santa Mouse, which is actually a Christmas tree decoration. However, we played with it when we were children. My mother got it, I think through Avon, when she was pregnant with me just after my parents married, so it is older than I am.

9) M*A*S*H was one of TV's top-rated shows in 1973. Who is your favorite M*A*S*H character?

A. Hawkeye aka Captain Pierce, although Major Margaret Houlihan is a close second.

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  1. My kid sister totally believed in Santa Mouse. She looked for him on the tree even before she opened her wrapped gifts under the tree.

    If your imaginary friend was some kind of precognition, I'm glad you and Jamie got to live happily ever after.

  2. I have my grandmother's Christmas tree decoration none of my nieces and nephews what them... "they look too old!"

  3. You have answered with those descriptions before. Maybe I'll just call you Maurice. ;)
    I don't know if that little mouse came from Avon or not, but I can remember seeing him around over the years...not sure who had him, though.
    I always liked the episodes of M*A*S*H that centered around Hawkeye and Margaret...they had an interesting relationship that they liked to keep hidden.

  4. I'm so nostalgic for MASH now. I keep thinking of how well-written it was and what great characters they were.

  5. I'm starting to wonder if I chose the wrong fruit. It's kind of like having to choose your favorite MASH character.

  6. Loved your answer to #4. You two would have made great parents.
    I have some of my mother's and my grandmother's Christmas ornaments. Actually some from my grandparents tree are the old silver lined ones. My sister insisted that she should have some, too, but she never would use them because they were old and flaky. She's very finicky.
    I"m so glad that your brother returned the mouse to you.

  7. I'm not a picker or smoker, but I am a grinner, joker, and definitely a lover and sinner. I have never "toked" but will have the occasional drink. My favorite fruit is hard to choose, I love all fruit but probably strawberries. Funny , you would think being an only child I would have an imaginary friend but I never did. I always had a dog to talk to I guess that was my "friend" . I've also being singing the blues some lately.... but I will admit to some great moments this last month!! I don't really get presents anymore... and the best toy present I've given was to my Godson. When he was about 2yrs. old the Dinosaurs tv show( Jim Henson) was popular and I gave him a "Baby" dinosaur for Christmas. I have a great picture of him hugging it! I also liked Hawkeye. His sarcastic sense of humor was great but the heart it hid was enormous. He was a great character.

  8. Enjoyed all your answers, but really loved hearing about all your imaginary friends. Also liked hearing that you buy yourself "something silly" now and then. I do, too.

    Hope you have a lovely Sunday!


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