Tuesday, July 25, 2017

My Garden Lizard

This is the lizard that I keep seeing in my rose garden. He runs very fast, almost mostly on his hind legs. But he was sunning the other day on my seashell and I was able to grab a photo. Apparently he is an Eastern fence lizard.

After I scared him, he slipped under the heat pump and I was surprised to see the bright blue on the underbelly. Apparently that is indicative of its sex (male), based on my quick research.

I don't mind him too much, although he has startled me a time or two. Lizards aren't poisonous so he can't hurt me, but reptiles tend to creep me out regardless.


  1. We have a few that dart out in front of us. I don't mind them really, but don't always appreciate the surprise.

  2. We have them all over our yard. I'm used to them so they don't bother me. I love your lizard's blue belly.


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