Monday, May 08, 2017

The Nephew Graduates

My nephew, Trey, graduated from Roanoke College in Salem, VA on Saturday. He received a Bachelor of Science in Health and Exercise Science. He is off to Ohio to work in some kind of body building franchise or something like that.

We arrived a bit early; bad timing on my part. Nice campus, though.

My brother, looking a little blurry, arrives for his son's big day.

Lots of umbrellas prior to the event; it was raining, obviously.

Nice congratulatory sign.

My father and stepmother.

We saw several fellows roaming about in light blue pin striped suits. We
decided they must be a fraternity.

Mother of the graduate.

Pomp and Circumstance plays and the crowd stands.

The man of the hour marching toward the stage.

Really, Dad? (I'd handed my brother my camera.)

My niece and sister of the man of the hour.

The big poo-pahs doing their talking.

Graduate caps and flags.

We were a very long way from the stage.

I assume this is Roanoke College's mascot. (Not the guy in yellow, the bird thing.)

Think these two are related?

Beth Macy received an Honorary Doctor of Letters degree. I went to Hollins with her and have known her for years.

Unfortunately, my shots of my nephew receiving his diploma did not turn out.

Here he is all smiles, diploma in hand.

Afterwards, with his girlfriend.

My brother's three children.


  1. Congratulations to the new graduate and thanks for this photo essay of your family's special day.

  2. Like the photos! Congrats to the nephew! I'm sure your family is very proud of him.


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