Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Cardboard Bob

Virginia's 6th District Congressman, Bob Goodlatte, choose not to show up at a town hall meeting today in Vinton.

The folks talked to his cardboard likeness instead.

I believe in education, environmental protections, and taking care of people.

I do not support Bob. Bob, by his actions, has proven to me that he does not believe in any of those things.

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  1. Dave Brat was here in Blackstone, VA Tuesday night for a town hall meeting. He thought this would be a safe place to hold his meeting since this is tea party country and we are at the edge of his district. Sorry Congressman, but we don't all approve of you. The restaurant filled up quickly, so we gathered in the street outside to listen to his comments over a loud speaker. He was booed by some and cheered by some, but the boos outnumbered the cheers. I doubt that we changed his mind about anything, but at least we got to express our opinion.


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