Monday, October 31, 2016

The Year Without An Autumn

The gap on 10/29/2016. I enhanced the photo to get a little color.

Unit 2, as my neighbor calls this field, with the Blue Ridge Mountains in the background.

A closer look at the mountains. The house you can see belongs to my father. Computer enhanced.

Had to use a little computer magic to make it look like there was any color at all on those mountains.

My father's house, pulled in with a long lens and messed with in the computer. His house is directly opposite my house. I took this picture standing on the highest point of the hay field that is in between us.

Turning around, you see my driveway. But my house is hidden behind the trees.

Look! Some orange.

We are still not having an Autumn, and here it is Halloween. Seems to me that by now the colors should be brilliant and starting to fade, but I think this year the leaves are simply going to fall from the trees. We are having unseasonably warm weather and I think the plants are confused. I never realized how much I looked forward to the colors of Fall until now, when they are not there.


  1. You live in a beautiful place. We are having warm weather as well. Very strange for this time of year.

  2. It's been a continuation of summer. We are still picking tomatoes for heaven sakes... no frost yet. Very strange.

  3. Crazy year weatherwise, isn't it? It was 73 here on Tuesday -- that's four off the record high from the 1930's, and 20 degrees above normal. NOT that I'm missing nights in the 30's and 40's, but it doesn't feel at all like Autumn.


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