Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sunday Stealing: Martial Arts

Sunday Stealing: The Martial Arts Meme

1. Who was the last person that you held hands with?

A. My husband. I hugged a friend Saturday morning.

2. Are you loud, outgoing or shy?

A. I am shy.

3. Who are you looking forward to seeing?

A. Next spring I will be seeing Tommy Emmanuel play guitar, live and in person.

4. Are you easy to get along with?

A. I suspect that depends upon whom you ask. I generally think so.

5. Have you ever given up on someone, only to let them back into your lives? Why?

A. Yes, I have given up on someone and let the person back into my life. The reason? Relative.

6. If you were ill, which TV doctor or nurse would you want to take care of you?

A. The nurse that Kate Jackson played on The Rookies. I don't watch those kinds of shows so I have no idea who else to suggest.

7. Does talking about sex make you uncomfortable?

A. Yes.

8. Who was the last person that you had a serious conversation with?

A. My friend.

9. What was the last text message you received about?

A. Don't text.

10. Do you believe in luck and/or miracles?

A. I think we make our own lucks and miracles are just circumstances of life overly construed.

11. What good thing happened this summer?

A. Nothing bad happened. That was the good thing.

12. Convince us why we should or should not believe in life on other planets?

A. We should believe in life on other planets because "life" is not simply human, but microbes and
assorted fungi and whatever else might grow and duplicate itself. It may not be life as we recognize it, but it is probably life. For all we know there is life on the moon; we just aren't advanced enough to understand what kind of "life" it is.

13. Who was your first crush on?

A. David Cassidy on the Partridge Family.

14. Favorite part of daily routine?

A. Reading.

15. Do you like your neighbors?

A. I live on a farm. My nearest neighbor is 1/4 mile away. But I don't have any problems with any of the people who live in my area.

16. What’s your worst feature?

A. I talk about myself too much with my friends, I think.

17. Have you ever had trust issues?

A. Yes, and why are you asking that? Don't you know you're making me paranoid?


  1. I have always thought it the height of self-centeredness to think that of the billions and billions of planets in the galaxy that our little speck is the ONLY one with intelligent life. Of course, life here is getting less intelligent all the time...

    1. Yes, our intelligence quality seems to be dropping daily. I have always thought there was life of some kind elsewhere. And some of it is vastly more intelligent than we will ever hope to be.

  2. LOL'ed at the paranoid comment!

  3. That's a very good argument for life on other planets. Even with my Christian beliefs, I don't think it's impossible for life to exist elsewhere. Genesis doesn't say God only created life on earth. It says he created the heavens and the earth and then goes on to describe His earthly creation. The heavens is everything that is "out there" and the Bible doesn't say much about that.

  4. David Cassidy was rather dreamy.

  5. Hahahaha 17 was a kick in the head!

    Some sort of "Life" made us in it's "image", and I have no problem thinking it was an alien life form that did it. *winks* Yes, I do believe in that possibility.

    Oh yes, #11 is a very good answer.

    Since this is a comment on a Meme, The over abundance of the "I" word is ok, yes?
    I think this alien life form is keeping a wary eye on us, and also manipulating little "miracles" every once in awhile to keep the smart a** apeman humble.
    That's all just a taste of the tiny creation theories forming in this wild woman's mind at the moment.

  6. Ah, Keith Partridge! Feathered hair and puka shells were so dreamy.


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