Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sunday Stealing: Beach Boys

Sunday Stealing: The Beach Boys' Meme 
1. SURFER GIRL : “I have watched you on the shore, standing by the ocean drawer, do you love me do you surfer girl?” Were you ever interested in someone (other than a celebrity) who did not return your interest?

A. I imagine I was, but that was so long ago that those brain cells have long since departed, flying out of my ears and into the airwaves.

2. BE TRUE TO YOUR SCHOOL : “So be true to your school now, just like you would for your girl or guy . . ." Looking back, how do you feel about your high school days?

A. I was a quiet student who generally stayed out of trouble. I wish I had made more friends but that's the way it goes.

3. FUN FUN FUN : “…and she’ll have fun fun fun till her daddy takes the T-Bird away…” What was the worst punishment you received as a teenager?

A. Since I know some of my family reads this blog, I don't think I will say. It would then be disputed or I would be "remembering it wrong" and I'd just as soon not get into it.

4. I GET AROUND : “Round round get around, I get around” Where did you go on your last long trip?

A. We went to Charleston, SC last fall for vacation.

5. HELP ME RHONDA : “You gotta help me Rhonda, help me get her off of my mind” What do you do to cheer up after a personal tragedy such as a lost job, power outage, or broken relationship?

A. How odd that a power outage falls in there with losing a job or a broken relationship. A power outage is nothing. But to cheer myself up after a personal tragedy, I read or play video games. I remember the day of 9/11, which was a national tragedy and not a personal one, but a tragedy all the same, I came home and played video games on Shockwave for hours to numb myself to what was happening. And when I wasn't doing that, I was glued to the TV, watching the towers fall again and again, knowing all the while that there were firefighters in there (343, to be exact) who had lost their lives.

I also tend to have fake conversations in my head with people who have made me angry, saying the things I wish I had said or had the courage to go say.

6. CALIFORNIA GIRLS : “I wish they all could be California girls. The west coast has the sunshine and the girls there get so tan, I dig a French bikini on Hawaiian island dolls, by a palm tree in the sand” Where are the best boys found?

A. They come from their mother's wombs. Every boy is a best boy until his environment turns him into a not-so-best boy. While I don't discount the possibility of a genetic component for "bad," I think most bad boys are made that way.

7. SLOOP JOHN B : “I wanna go home, please let me go home, ya ya. Well this is the worst trip, I’ve ever been on…” What is the worst trip you’ve ever been on?

A. In 1989, there was a massive riot at Virginia Beach. We had reservations to be there about three days after the riots. We called and were told all was quiet and to come on down. (Remember, no Internet, and we only had two TV stations then.) It was quiet, all right. There was no power in our hotel, and it was so hot and humid I couldn't breathe because of my asthma. The hotel across the street had power and I told the night clerk I was going to sue the hotel and him personally if I didn't get my money back so we could go across the street (I got the money back). Hundreds of stores were closed because the windows had been broken out. The place was like a combination ghost town and military zone. It was a horrible vacation and we have not been back to Virginia Beach since.

This is a timely thing to recall, because this was a race riot that happened nearly 30 years ago. Racism has never gone away, and the issues have only been swept under rugs full of broken glass.

8. WOULDN’T IT BE NICE : “I guess the more we talk about it, it makes it harder just to live without it, but let’s talk about it…” What is your biggest wish?

A. There's always the "I want the whole world to get along" thing, but those wishes, while altruistic, are not doable, as we all know. Personally, I would like to get the clutter out of my house and have the place looking exactly like I want it. But at the moment I'm not strong enough to accomplish that. I could wish for better health but, while I may get some better, I am never going to be all better.

9. IN MY ROOM : “There’s a place where I can go and tell my secrets to. In my room. In my room.” What is your favorite thing about your own personal room or space in your home/office?

A. It's my space and it has my books and right now too much clutter, but otherwise, it's the place I go to shut out the TV and to have some alone time. Plus, Elder Scrolls V.

10. GOD ONLY KNOWS : “You never need to doubt it, I’ll make you so sure about it. God only knows what I feel about you” When was the last time you told a significant other or close relative that you loved them?

A. My husband and I tell each other that every day. He works in dangerous jobs. I don't want our last words to be quarrelsome, and you never know when those last words might come.

11. GOOD VIBRATIONS : “My baby has good vibrations, she’s giving me excitations…” When do you get good vibrations?

A. When there's a sale on at the book store.

12. KOKOMO : “We’ll go to Kokomo. We’ll get there fast and then we’ll take it slow. That’s where I wanna go…” What is your favorite warm weather destination?

A. I don't have one, really, because I don't like the heat. I have been to Myrtle Beach more times than anywhere else, so we'll go with that one.

13. DO IT AGAIN : “Let’s get back together and do it again…” If you could go back in time and gather up your school friends, what would you do again?

A. Nothing.


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  1. I do that whole having conversations with myself, too. I will rehash things over and over coming up with better and better responses. I thought I was the only one!

  2. I've heard that Charleston is a beautiful place.
    And I didn't go into the worst of the brutality in our young lives, as all of us were victimized, mine was the worst. That man should have been in prison.
    And yes, you are right, someone would dispute it all because abusers are very good at hiding their handy work, or too drunk and/or High, to remember it.
    Stay strong in your mind. Hang in there. You may never forget but setting thoughts aside always works to clear the head. We are lucky in our loves. That really matters over all things that haunt. Big Hugs!

  3. I'd love to go to Charleston, it's on my bucket list.


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