Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday Stealing: Currently

From Sunday Stealing

Currently Meme

Currently, I am . . . (not doing all of this at one time) . . .

•Reading - The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz. It says if you live your life by these four rules: "Be impeccable with your word;" "Don't take anything personally;" "Don't make assumptions;" and "Always do your best," you will have a good life. What do you think?
•Writing - This meme. But I have also been catching up on my journaling.
•Playing - at coloring.
•Watching - My husband and I have gone back to the 1st season of Downton Abby, since he didn't see it, and have started the series over.
•Trying - to deal with my pain.
•Cooking - we're having chicken and rice for dinner.
•Drinking - water.
•Calling - the cows. (Not really. But you know how you call a cow? Come 'ere, cow! Ha. Actually we go, "WOOO Cow! Wooo!")
•Pinning - ??? What does this even mean?
•Tweeting - I don't tweet.
•Crafting - a secret plan for world domination. Which I suppose is not secret anymore.
•Doing - this meme.
•Going - nowhere about as fast as one can go.
•Loving - my husband.
•Hating - that I am not able to work.
•Re-Discovering - that the grass does come back green in the spring. How about that!
•Enjoying - nothing much.
•Thinking - that 12 weeks is a long time to be without living room furniture.
•Feeling  - tired and achy.
•Missing - my health.
•Hoping - somebody invents a time machine.
•Listening - to nothing. I tend to spend far too much time in silence.
•Celebrating  - the fact that I can still walk.
•Smelling  - nicely, thank you. I showered this morning.
•Thanking - my husband for putting up with me and my crabbiness.
•Considering - how to end my tendency to procrastinate.
•Starting - apparently nothing, since I procrastinate.


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  1. I think Donald got hold of your plan... I binged on old Downton's before watching the finale.

  2. "Don't take anything personally" -- Ouch! I take everything personally. Maybe I need to consider that.

    I hope you start feeling better soon. I know how an ongoing condition can sap your energy and have a detrimental impact on your outlook.

  3. I think those 4 rules couldn't hurt! If you find the "cure" for procrastination let me in on it will you?

  4. I read The Four Agreements and loved it. Check out Pinterest. You will enjoy pinning, seriously!

  5. I read somewhere that procrastination can be an efficient way that the most important things get done; or something like that....


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