Saturday, March 19, 2016

Saturday 9: Kiss from a Rose

Saturday 9: Kiss from a Rose (1996)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here. (I always thought this was a beautiful song.)

1) This song is from the movie, Batman Forever. The movie Batman v. Superman will be out later this month. In that matchup, who do you support -- The Caped Crusader or The Man of Steel?

A. I haven't seen the movie and would prefer they did not fight. These are heroes, and they are not supposed to beat each other up. So I am going to pick Supergirl and Batgirl, even though neither are in the movie, because if they had a falling out, they'd make up and then go shopping.

2) "Rose" became a popular name in the 19th century, when parents also began naming their daughters "Iris," "Violet," "Daisy" and "Lily." Do you know anyone who has a flower name?

A. I have a friend named Holly, another whose maiden name was Lavinder, another whose last name is Woodie, and another whose last name is Wood. That's the best I can come up with and that's scrolling my Facebook list. However, my grandmother's nickname was Rosie, even though her name was Melba. She is no longer with us.

3) This week's artist, Seal, has something to fall back on. At his parents' insistence, before he pursued music he got an associate degree in architecture from a small college in Westminster. What's the last grade you completed?

A. I have a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies with an emphasis on the humanities. Whew, that's a mouthful, isn't it. Basically that means I took mostly English and Sociology classes. I received that degree in 2012, not so long ago. I love college.

4) Seal wrote this song back in the 1980s but didn't really like it very much. His producer discovered it when they were looking for material to complete Seal's second album and the result was several Grammys. Tell us about a time when something turned out better than you thought it would.

A. This is a hard one. I know my minister didn't think my marriage would last, and we'll be married 33 years this year. But that was his doubt, not mine. Hmm. I can think of a few things but none that I would want to publish on my blog.

5) Ex-wife Heidi Klum is not the only model in Seal's life. He also dated Tyra Banks. Can you name another famous model?

A. Christie Brinkley? Yeah, she was a model. I had to look her up to be sure.

6) Seal is currently involved with yet another model, Australian Erica Packer. Between them they have seven children. How many siblings do you have, and are you the oldest, youngest, or in the middle?

A. I am the oldest. I have a brother who is three years younger than I.

7) Seal's birthday was back on February 19. Let's think about your birthday. If you could have any type of cake you wanted, what would you request?

A. I would like to have a cake that looks like a hobbit house. Or Mordor. On some of my blacker days, maybe Mordor would be more appropriate.

8) In 1996, when this song was popular, Lyle and Erik Menendez were found guilty of murdering their parents in a crime and trial that dominated the news in Los Angeles. What are people in your town talking about?

A. This week they are talking about an announcement about an Italian business that is locating in our county. It is supposed to bring in 350 jobs, and apparently the state and county are offering up something like $30 million in incentives to bring in a company with a $133 million profit last year. If that makes sense to you, feel free to explain. I despise corporate welfare. If a company wants to locate here, they should buy the land, pay the fees, build their building, hire people, and not take tax payer money. We are giving this company 53 acres. Giving it away. And waiving all the fees and things, and doing the grading work and other stuff for them, without them paying a dime. I realize 350 jobs is a lot, but taxpayers should not have to foot the bill to bring a company in here. Any company.
9) Random question: There's an old saying, "Like nails on a blackboard." Sam can't recall ever hearing nails on a blackboard, but she knows she hates the sound of a dripping faucet. What sound bothers you the most?

A. The sound a stink bug makes when it hits the lights in the kitchen. It's something like "thwap thwap thwap" and then "thud" when it knocks itself cold and lands on the floor.


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  1. That hobbit house cake is intense! So much care went into it, there's so much detail, I don't know if I'd be able to make the first slice.

  2. I don't know what to think about that 'corporate welfare'. You get jobs but, have to pay more in taxes as a result. Wonder how that would change under a new president- ha ha

  3. I feel strongly both ways about creating jobs. But a point is that it would be cheaper to create 350 jobs elsewhere. Or maybe it's fine. see! I don't know...

  4. I agree with you on corporate welfare, we just lost GE because Boston gave them a larger bribe.


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