Saturday, February 06, 2016

Saturday 9: Sorry

Saturday 9: Sorry (2015)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

I can't believe I had to go listen to a Justin Beanie song. What a way to kill a Friday. 

1) This song is a plea for a second chance. Are you good at forgiving/forgetting?

A. I forgive. I don't forget. You mess with me I'll remember it when I'm 130 years old.

2) Justin asks his girl to "forget this." What have you done/said recently that you wish could just be forgotten?

A. Well, seeing as how I am perfect, I have no answer for this.

3) Mr. Bieber says he needs just 6 hours sleep every night. How about you? How much sleep do you require to feel sharp?

A. I haven't had a full night's sleep in almost three years. A solid six hours without having to wake up to take pain meds would be wonderful.

4) Justin prefers D&G underwear, which can cost as much as $102/pair. Sam may be crazy, but there's no way she'd spend that much on underwear. What's something you're willing to splurge on?

A. If I had it, I would spend the $5,000 it would take to purchase this guitar.

5) He may be picky about underwear but not cuisine. He loves Big Macs. If we were going to McDonald's, what would you order?

A. I haven't eaten at a McDonald's in so long, I don't even know what they serve. If they have a salad, I'd get that.

6) When it comes to healthier fare, Bieber has told fans he enjoys snacking on bananas and grapes. What do you reach for between meals?

A. Almonds.

7) Performing in Germany, Justin Bieber told a girl who approached the stage, "Ich liebe dich” ("I love you") and she fainted. Have you ever fainted?

A. When I was a teenager I did. I have felt faint but now have enough sense to sit down and put my head between my legs.

8) As a kid, Justin was teased for being one of the shortest in his class. What do you recall being teased about in school?

A. This was in the 1970s, now - but I was called "computer head" a lot because I was the straight A student who kept the other kids from getting curves on their papers. It finally reached a point in the 5th grade where I would receive 110 on a paper just so the others could get a curve. I lived for school.

9) Random question: Will you be watching this weekend's Super Bowl?

A. If I do, it will only be for the commercials.


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  1. Does your answer to #1 mean you'll resent having to listen to "Sorry" when you're 130 years old? This is the first Bieber song I've heard start-to-finish, and it wasn't so bad. Of course, when I was a pre-teen, I was listening to Bobby Sherman, so what do I know?

  2. What a great guitar! We all wish we had an extra $500 lying around, but that would be a great purchase. I assume you play. :)
    I couldn't listen to the song, blech!

  3. My hubby would love that guitar..but alas no funds for that laying around!

  4. At 130 years-old? I'll be luck to hit 113... :)

  5. Awesome guitar! Enjoyed your replies :D

  6. It's funny how the Superbowl is the only time when people want to watch the commercials.

  7. very cool guitar, I would not suggest that you eat a salad their if watching your weight. On the news this morning it busted the bubble on that saying that a big mac has less calories than a salad with toppings.

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  8. No problem with a Gibson. Good sound and I think it's value grows with the years. So in the end you can buy more shoes.

  9. I high school I was a science nerd, there were about six of us in the science club.

  10. There's no way I would pay $100 for one pair of underwear. That's ridiculous! I did have the Super Bowl on while working on stuff last night, but was unimpressed by the majority of the commercials.


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