Thursday, December 24, 2015

Thursday Thirteen - Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve! Merry Christmas if you celebrate: Happy Thursday, if you don't!

No snow for us this year. This photo is from 2007.
Christmas Eve has always been the day I look forward to more so than Christmas Day. Christmas Eve is all anticipation and excitement. You can still play "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" or "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus," which on Christmas Day you shouldn't do because it's more solemn. At least, it is more solemn once the packages are opened.

Santa from a 2008 parade.

When we were children, my mother used to let my brother and I exchange presents on Christmas Eve as a way to calm us down. I am not sure how old we were when that tradition started, but it is one we have continued almost annually.

I have no words of wisdom for the holiday. Not sure what to list for a Thursday 13, either. We are having extremely warm weather - too warm for making candy and other things that do better in cold weather, that's for sure.

Tree-top Star from 2008

So what to write? A list of things I want? I don't want much, though. World peace, less fighting, more empathy - the things that only humanity can change by changing their hearts. Santa doesn't bring those kinds of things.

How about a list of how naughty I've been? Because we all know I am super-duper bad.

1. I ate raw cookie dough. I know, it is the worst possible sin. I mean, what if that raw egg gets me all messed up? I've only been doing this for as long as I can remember, but I did it just yesterday.

2. Tags do not remain on my pillows. I remove them.

3. Some of my writing earlier in the year was okay. I was proud of it, anyway. I did my best.

My brother in 2007. Has nothing to do with my writing. But he has much to do with Christmas Eve.
4. But then I stopped writing, and became sloth-like, because my doctors wanted me to stop having stress and stuff in hopes I would get better. So I played too many video games.

5. Envy overcame me when I saw the new smart phones. I would really like to have one but I am trapped with an old flip phone. Maybe one of these days.

6.  Unless one can lust over chocolate, I am not sure I experienced this particular sin this year.

7. However, I did eat a lot of chocolate, and while my weight didn't exactly climb, it didn't go down, either - so gluttony, here I am.
O Christmas Tree (2009)
8. I became extremely angry over something or another, but it must not have been overly important because I don't remember the incident. I just know my blood pressure went up.

9. A poor deer jumped into the side of my car. I never did know if it was okay, because it limped off and it was dark and foggy. I hate to hurt animals.

This is not the deer I hit. This is just a pretty picture.

10. I cursed. A lot. Sometimes the foul language flows from my tongue like water being turned to wine. I can make a sailor blush, or a football player faint, or something.

11. I coveted one of my friend's abilities to draw and paint and be a wonderful artist. She does it so effortlessly, like blinking an eye or licking your lips. Doesn't even know she's doing it, just doodling is perfection.

Just a Christmassy photo.

12.  I killed spiders. I am sure I stepped on ants, too, but I know I killed spiders. Great big ugly hairy spiders that we call wood spiders that come out from late September until mid-November. They roam my hallway in my house and are monstrous spiders that make Shelob in Lord of the Rings look like a tiny little baby spider.

13. Last, but not least, I circle back to #4, because I stopped writing almost completely, and that is indeed a bad thing. It is a gift and I am not offering it to the world, because not everyone can write. Some people write better than I, but others do not. We should all do what we are best at.

Not my Christmas lights.

Anyway, happy holidays to you and yours - may your days be blessed.

Thank you for reading Blue Country Magic!


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  1. I hope that you keep writing just as long as you can. Having such a unique voice and the bravery to use it are fundamental, in a modern free society, to keeping tyrants out of office, and keeping this country free. Huzzah!!
    And, Happy Christmas Eve!

  2. I betting you're more good than naughty and I think you're a fine writer. I've come to believe that like fertile land, a writer has seasons where the best thing to do is to rest and recharge. It sounds like that's what is happening/ what happened for you. When you were ready the words came.

    Merry Christmas, my friend.

  3. This is a funny naughty list. Makes me wonder how naughty I've been. My mother and grandmother once sang that song 'better not cry, better not pout' and it really scared me straight. I hope you have a new year of prolific writing!

  4. It's unseasonably warm, dare I say hot, here in Texas. I think 85 on Christmas Eve is pretty hot. And next week, we'll have near blizzard conditions. Crazy! As for "sins," I've committed a lot of those as well. Your picture that "has nothing to do with your writing but everything to do with Christmas Eve..," Tell us more! Merry Christmas!

  5. Once you buy the pillow, you can remove the tags -- the label says not to be removed EXCEPT by consumer. I can't stand having tags sticking out on pillows, especially throw pillows. Happy New Year! My T13


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