Saturday, November 07, 2015

Saturday 9: Random

Saturday 9: All Random

This week's Saturday 9 is refreshingly theme free, featuring questions submitted by regular Saturday 9ers. Crazy Sam really appreciates all the help she received with this week's meme, and is jealously protecting all your unused questions. Expect to see them sprinkled throughout Saturday 9s in the future.
1) Do you prefer your pickle sliced thin, sliced thick, or in a spear?

A. I like Gherkins or small pickles which look like baby cucumbers, and they have to be bread and butter. I don't like dill pickles. I guess that a baby cucumber would be like a spear.

2) What kind of eggs do you like best for breakfast?

A. Scrambled.
3) If you got 2 pennies for change, would you pocket them or leave them on the counter for the next person?

A. If the counter has a "leave a penny, take a penny" cup, I leave them. If not, I put them in my pocket.

4) You’re now in charge of the manners for the planet. Tell us the new rules for cellphone etiquette.

A. OMG. Put that thing away! You are not allowed to use it when you are outside of your home unless you are an emergency services person or an expectant father whose wife is due to give birth within 24 hours. If you must take a call, then you (a) stop the car and pull over, if you are driving, and if elsewhere (b) go into the restroom (but please not into a stall, that's just, eww!) or outside away from other people (preferably sit in your car in the parking lot) if you are somewhere in public and (c) don't scream into it so that everyone can hear your end of the conversation no matter where you are. For heaven's sake, people. Look at one another when you're talking and stop playing Candy Crush. You only have one life. Live it! Feel the air, see the sunshine, hear the crush of grass beneath your feet, not the tweet of some damn machine.

5) You’re about to write a novel. What genre will it be (sci fi, chick lit, historical fiction, comic …)?

A. Magical realism.  (Magic in a realistic world.) I'm actually participating, poorly, in National Novel Writing Month right now (NaNoWriMo). See me writing blog meme answers instead of working on the novel?

6) Is it a bad thing to lie to save a friend’s feelings?

A. It depends on the situation. "Do I have spinach between my teeth?" rather demands a truthful answer. If she is wearing an orange dress that she obviously loves, but it makes her look like she has jaundice, then "it's a lovely dress" is fine. After all, the dress might be lovely (just not on her) so you're not exactly lying. Right?
7) Is your big toe your longest toe?

A. Nope. My second toe is my longest toe. I think this is supposed to mean something, but a quick search of the Internet, our great god of knowledge, reveals multiple suggestions as to what it might be.

8) Hot stone massage: yea or nay?

A. Any massage receives a yea.

9) Do you check the mirror before going out?

A. Depends on where I am going. Grocery store? No. Meeting with high ranking officials? Yes.

I encourage you to visit other participants in Saturday 9 posts and leave a comment. Because there are no rules, it is your choice. Saturday 9 players hate rules. We love memes, however.


  1. "Feel the air, see the sunshine ..." What good advice! I caught myself not doing that last weekend. I was touring the Lincoln historic sites in downstate Illinois and, even though I'd visited them literally dozens of times before, I was viewing everything through my camera lens. It struck me that nothing had really changed since last time I'd been there (after all, these sites are preserved so they won't change). Instead I started paying greater attention to the way the sun came in through the windows in the house, and the boardwalk and autumn colors outside. It was more fun to imagine going back in time for an autumn visit with Abe than to worry about how I was going to crop this or that shot for Facebook.

  2. good luck on nanowrimo! i did it once, but always needed a break, and answering memes was just what i needed! :) and i agree with gal, that's fantastic advice, and one i must remind myself to do as well, too!

  3. I agree with going to grocery stores. Even though they say that's how to meet women, it's never has happened to me...

  4. LOVE love LOVE love your phone etiquette answer!!!

  5. 1. Actually, I prefer baby dills over all other pickles.
    2. Scrambled, omelet,
    4. OMG! First rule is that you cannot use it in a restaurant or on public transportation. I got stuck sitting in front of a magpie on the way home a couple weeks ago. This chick was talking so loud on her phone, the ENTIRE bus could hear her, and I could not concentrate on the book I was trying to read. I was SO glad when we finally reached my stop.


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